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Recognize the full worth of.
  1. 'Why can't we all appreciate each other's good qualities and realize we've all got room for improvement as well?'
  2. 'She kept her weapon of sarcasm to a bare minimum, something I recognized and appreciated.'
  3. 'The awards have been warmly received by staff who appreciate that some recognition is being given for their hard work over the years.'
  4. 'Absolutely, your Honour, and the Court of Appeal appreciated and recognised that fact here.'
  5. 'Maybe it's a bit like having a stuffy, old law prof, who seems nowhere near as exciting as the younger, livelier profs, but somewhere along the line, you just start appreciating him.'
  6. 'Lately I have been appreciating him a whole lot more.'
  7. 'I appreciate and recognise that they want to do the best that they can for their people.'
  8. 'She acknowledges that not everyone back home appreciates the very clear Western influence in her music, but she has profound respect for those who do support her.'
  9. 'Using these indicators, I never realized before how much I appreciated Toronto.'
  10. 'This was a backhanded compliment: it implied that everyone was capable of appreciating the highest works of art, whatever their class or ethnic background.'
  11. 'I'd appreciate any information you could give me'
  12. 'Despite all these potentially scaring experiences, I have certainly learned some good things along my way to finding love - like appreciating the good things when they come.'
  13. 'I want to send her a card just to tell her that I love her and appreciate the things she has done for me.'
  14. 'He had said that he enjoyed his meal and appreciated the care that went into its preparation.'
  15. 'I appreciate it that you enjoy my story and take the time to tell me your honest opinion!'
  16. 'You could even be someone who lives abroad who enjoys and appreciates music that comes from Ireland.'
  17. 'I would appreciate any information you have on Radar and dangers to health.'
  18. 'It was a hunting lodge, and I would appreciate information about that era and also of what it was before then.'
  19. 'People are grateful for what I do for them, my colleagues appreciate my professionalism.'
  20. 'If you could help me find him or if anyone has any information they can give me I would greatly appreciate it.'
  21. 'I've been informed that the family appreciates the condolences of friends and are trying to find ways of burying him back in Bulgaria.'
Understand (a situation) fully; grasp the full implications of.
  1. with clause 'I appreciate that you cannot be held totally responsible'
  2. 'The speculative marketplace fully appreciates this dangerous dynamic, as the perception of endless global liquidity solidifies.'
  3. 'Advanced nursing roles are an important development in primary care, but the implications have yet to be fully appreciated.'
  4. 'You don't have to be a nuclear physicist to fully appreciate Copenhagen but it certainly does helps if you are.'
  5. 'The Court fully understands and appreciates that the first priority of the executive branch in a time of crisis is to ensure the physical security of its citizens.'
  6. 'Tokyo is of course a maritime city and a great port, but people who visit do not always fully appreciate this.'
  7. 'Do you think the general public appreciates and fully understands the threats that global warming pose?'
  8. 'The decision to allow the development was not taken lightly but with a view to the advantage to the many, whilst fully appreciating the disadvantages to the few.'
  9. 'We are setting a trap for New Zealanders who do not fully appreciate the way this legislation works.'
Rise in value or price.
  1. 'If it's rare and of high quality, it will appreciate in value [given today's low prices].'
  2. 'It's time to look at properties that can save time and appreciate in value.'
  3. 'Employees do not need to put capital at risk; yet, if the company's share price appreciates, they can earn substantial capital gains.'
  4. 'She owns a home in Montgomery County, Md., a market where home values have been appreciating rapidly.'
  5. 'So what happens when those shares start to appreciate in value?'
  6. 'As well as being appreciated by the residents, the artwork may also appreciate in value - but only for the developer.'
  7. 'The stock price keeps appreciating and now sits at $150 after splitting 2 for 1 three times.'
  8. 'All that having been said, my own guess is that the euro will appreciate in value.'
  9. 'Savvy moves by Asia's newest leading ladies helped their currencies appreciate in value.'
  10. 'Furthermore you can expect an original work to appreciate in value whereas a print is far less likely to.'

More definitions

1. to be grateful or thankful for: They appreciated his thoughtfulness.

2. to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on: to appreciate good wine.

3. to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation.

4. to raise in value. verb (used without object), appreciated, appreciating.

5. to increase in value: Property values appreciated yearly.

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"tutors can be appreciated by things."

"willows can be appreciated by people."

"willows can be appreciated by children."

"visits can be appreciated by residents."

"spaces can be appreciated on occasions."

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(appreciate)Mid 16th century: from late Latin appretiat- ‘set at a price, appraised’, from the verb appretiare, from ad- ‘to’ + pretium ‘price’.