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Assess the value or quality of.
  1. 'she cast an appraising eye over the notes'
  2. 'Unfortunately, with the exception of blood tests for anemia, there are no assessments that accurately appraise your nutritional status.'
  3. 'His comments on prematurity also cast light on the way in which he appraised the Claimant's evidence and the benefit he ascribed to the proposed housing provision itself.'
  4. 'But to my way of thinking, meta-analysis provides a more important secondary benefit of critically appraising the quality of the data entered into its review.'
  5. 'These included more flexibility in the time allowed to assess claims and the allocation of more time to fairly appraise complex disputes.'
  6. 'It should appraise the quality of the evidence and decide whether that justifies the conclusion reached eg, whether it justifies a conclusion that the applicant obtained permission to entry by fraud or deceit.'
  7. 'When is the right time to appraise the quality of the suggestions made by respondents?'
  8. 'Although admittedly difficult to achieve, we believe that an effort to appraise and enhance the quality of bronchoscopy training is necessary.'
  9. 'They also take the opportunity to look to the future and appraise the family job and training needs.'
  10. 'The most powerful response is that autonomy need in no way require that people be in a position to step away from all of their connections and values and to critically appraise them.'
  11. 'Until initiatives such as dot health or high quality web searching tools become available, the onus will remain with users to search effectively and appraise the quality of the sites retrieved.'
  12. 'For those in posts, supervisor assessments were obtained for 46 trainees to appraise their performance three months into practice.'
  13. 'Lately, as companies work to appraise their performance on a variety of levels, status metrics in the form of executive dashboards have received a lot of attention.'
  14. 'Staff may be appraised both upon the quantity of calls made or received and conformity to the script.'
  15. 'Although it has been widely assumed that general practice tutors will appraise general practitioners, no official statement has been made to this effect.'
  16. 'It insisted that appraisal of senior hospital doctors should be undertaken only by doctors who were appropriately trained and came from similar backgrounds to the doctors being appraised.'
  17. 'they appraised the painting at £200,000'
  18. 'A home is appraised after you've agreed to the purchase price.'
  19. 'Or the company accountant can appraise the value of the shares.'
  20. 'As in most American taxing jurisdictions, the assessor first appraises the separate market value of land and buildings for each taxable parcel.'
  21. 'Banks engaged registered valuers to appraise a property before they lent on it, and while the buyers paid for that valuer, the banks usually did not allow the buyers to see it.'
  22. 'Those attempting to get loans just have to show the goods to be pawned to an officer, who would spend a little time to appraise the estimated value of the items.'
  23. 'He said the property measured about 1,300 square meters, but the government had yet to appraise the value of the land and the house.'
  24. 'The Board of Supervisors has until November 21 to decide whether to accept the offer, and has engaged a professional firm to appraise the property's value.'
  25. 'That's part of his plan to make a living when he retires from appraising real estate.'
  26. 'An official agency has appraised the top value at $20,000 per square foot, although this may be puffed up.'
  27. 'The schedule lists a number of items other than inventory, which were appraised at a value of $360.00.'

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1. to estimate the monetary value of; determine the worth of; assess: We had an expert appraise the house before we bought it.

2. to estimate the nature, quality, importance, etc.: He tried to appraise the poetry of John Updike.

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"prices can be appraised."

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(appraise)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘set a price on’): alteration of apprize, by association with praise. The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.