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Divide up and share out.
  1. 'The deal merely apportioned the cabinet posts among power contenders without dissolving the factional militias.'
  2. 'Through Lebanon's unwritten National Pact of 1943, political power was apportioned between Christians and Muslims.'
  3. 'This is enhanced with an EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) system that apportions the majority braking effort to either end of the car.'
  4. 'Running your own shares portfolio is all about learning how to apportion your money in order to generate the best possible returns.'
  5. 'Census numbers are also used to draw political districts and apportion seats in Congress.'
  6. 'That theory turned on the fact of a broad consensus that modern societies must allocate wealth and opportunity through economic markets and must apportion political power through the markets of multiparty elections.'
  7. 'Should the road surface adhesion change when taking a corner, the efficient four-wheel drive system cuts in imperceptibly to apportion power according to grip and ensure that all remains under control.'
  8. 'In these cases, the companies' revenues were divided in half and apportioned between the two countries.'
  9. 'The success was divided and I am asked to apportion the 14 hours that are shown on the Bill of Costs.'
  10. 'The power to apportion responsibility under the Law Reform Act 1945 afforded a far more appropriate tool for doing justice than the blunt instrument of turpitude.'
  11. 'they did not apportion blame or liability to any one individual'
  12. 'If, however, the 60 deputies had been apportioned to the various constituencies on the basis of ordinary mathematical equality, the results would have been as follows.'
  13. 'It is really all a case of getting our priorities right and this will never happen if we apportion the lion's share to the military.'
  14. '‘Clean money’ reform is working in several states where a set amount of money is apportioned to candidates.'
  15. 'Both defeats could have been apportioned to immaturity.'
  16. 'But he apportioned a share of the blame to the bank itself.'
  17. 'Rightly or wrongly, medical conditions concerning self-image are more commonly associated with girls, and much of the blame is apportioned to glossy magazines showing images of super-thin supermodels.'
  18. 'Storage overheads were apportioned to materials, in proportion to their value, then the workshop overheads were applied to the work accounts according to an hourly rate.'
  19. 'Most of that, we think, is apportioned to assaults, particularly linked to alcohol.'
  20. 'Half of the seats are apportioned to winning parties and half to candidates elected from so-called single-mandate constituencies.'
  21. 'In fact, their model is designed so that the more you surf within their ‘system,’ the more credits you accumulate, which in turn can be apportioned to any number of sites a blogger may be maintaining.'

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1. to distribute or allocate proportionally; divide and assign according to some rule of proportional distribution: to apportion expenses among the three men.

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"licenses can be apportioned."

"thereofs can be apportioned."

"taxes can be apportioned."

"rents can be apportioned."

"parts can be apportioned."

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(apportion)Late 16th century: from Old French apportionner or medieval Latin apportionare, from ad- ‘to’ + portionare ‘divide into portions’.