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(of a time or place) decided on beforehand; designated.
  1. 'The riders soon arrived at the appointed place and the roundup boss was selected.'
  2. 'He set out to meet them at Stamford Bridge as arranged and arrived at the appointed place first.'
  3. 'Ten minutes, and fifteen skirmishes later, they were back at the appointed place.'
  4. 'They walked to the appointed place, the Briefing room.'
  5. 'I arrived at the appointed place with a growing sense of impending doom.'
  6. 'After that, I'd be placed in my first appointed position and monitored continuously for quality assurance purposes.'
  7. 'Where ever there was a Lady, there was always an open door, especially if one was asked to meet the Lady at the appointed place.'
  8. 'Then they went to the pit, and planted the torches there before stepping backward to their appointed places.'
  9. 'I meet Pete at the appointed place, which I happen to notice is near Molly's house.'
  10. 'And as he makes his way to his appointed place among other kings, the people's king is greeted as only kings would be.'
(of a building or room) equipped or furnished in a specified way.
  1. 'As I entered our magnificently appointed multi-storey office development this morning, I caught sight of a box behind our oddly proportioned security guard.'
  2. 'The hotel served us well; we didn't spend nearly enough time in the richly appointed lobby.'
  3. 'What is fantastic about this health club is the placement of the sauna, Turkish steam bath, jacuzzi and showers all around the beautifully appointed relaxation room.'
  4. 'For this reason it was sparingly used, being found only in the most important rooms of the best appointed houses.'
  5. 'In a beautifully appointed room near the gallery entrance, he has assembled Nepalese marionettes in the images of the Gods of Hinduism.'
  6. 'The unique addition to the tourism and business infrastructure of the South East also has a private dining room and a number of beautifully appointed Board rooms.'
  7. 'The hotel has 34 beautifully appointed bedrooms, a restaurant and hotel bar.'
  8. 'And one can't help but be intrigued by some of the wonderful aromas that waft from the jars of herbal and fruit flavoured teas in Paolo's attractively appointed shop.'
  9. 'The location offers a plethora of luxuriously appointed rooms in a variety of styles and themes.'
  10. '‘Right this way,’ he led them to a pleasantly appointed room where they deposited their packs.'

More definitions

1. by, through, or as a result of an appointment (often in contrast with elected): an appointed official.

2. predetermined; arranged; set: They met at the appointed time in the appointed place.

3. provided with what is necessary; equipped; furnished: a beautifully appointed office.

More examples(as adjective)

"kinds can be appointed for purposes."

"disputes can be appointed out of courts."

"ministers can be appointed."

"representatives can be appointed."

"bodies can be appointed."

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