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A device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task.
  1. 'I have, however been exposed to the normal electromagnetic field produced in any appliance on the domestic AC supply so I should be OK.'
  2. 'Who hasn't staged an impromptu stand-off with an umbrella, broomstick or the nearest domestic appliance to hand?'
  3. 'It takes a passion for innovation to consistently develop leading-edge appliance designs.'
  4. 'It's not the latest designer outfit or high-end household appliance - it's technology.'
  5. 'I remember well, but to go back to the time this handy appliance wasn't part of every kitchen's equipment is practically unthinkable now.'
  6. 'There was a time when one had to hop from shop to shop, verify prices and settle on one shop for each domestic appliance.'
  7. 'It's a very specialized kitchen appliance - you can't use it to cook anything else I can think of.'
  8. 'As our 50-plus years in business would suggest we are always pleased to offer advice about any domestic appliance.'
  9. 'If you answer ‘yes’ it would allow you to make choices, such as a vehicle, household appliance, garden equipment, and so on.'
  10. 'First she might fuse the handle of a domestic appliance with an ergonomic detergent bottle to create an unfamiliar palm-sized plaster sculpture.'
A fire engine.
  1. 'one appliance attended the fire'
  2. 'Where there is an issue of the safety of the crew, we will not send one appliance on its own.'
  3. 'At a call in Wilton Grove, stones, missiles, and fireworks were fired, damaging the windscreen of the appliance.'
  4. '"They hated seeing shots of the appliance pulling up because they pride themselves on getting there with a very fast response time," recalls Jennings.'
  5. 'If there is a property fire it requires a minimum of two appliances.'
  6. 'As smoke started billowing from the roof, five appliances arrived.'
  7. 'Two fire engines and a high-reach appliance were sent out to an industrial unit at the junction of County Road and Station Road.'
  8. 'Sirens flashing, a rescue appliance was dispatched with the crew on board not knowing if they should put on their helmets.'
  9. 'Essex Fire and Rescue Service had 55 firefighters, six fire engines, an aerial appliance and a control unit on the scene at the height of the fire.'
  10. 'The man, who was the station officer when I joined the brigade, told me he was in the brigade in the days of the horse drawn appliance which had a steam driven pump.'
  11. 'A Humberside Fire Service appliance was attending an out-of-control bonfire and was on Brigg Road with its blue lights and sirens on.'
The action or process of bringing something into operation.
  1. 'It's the creative appliance of science - and in the hands of a man like David, it can be inspiring.'
  2. 'The two researchers, of Sheffield Hallam University, reckon that the simple appliance of some logical science will consign sitting on a suitcase to jam it shut firmly in the past.'
  3. 'At the same time the fact that the European Union has changed directions concerning the support of Greek agriculture, and the appliance of a new Common Agricultural Policy have led farmers into new conditions needing adaptations (and familiarization).'
  4. 'He was particularly animated about the need for less process and more appliance of the code according to relationships, dialogue and trust between the board and its investors.'
  5. 'The appliance of science got pupils from across the borough turning into budding Wordsworths.'
  6. 'The appliance of science has not passed cricket by.'

More definitions

1. an instrument, apparatus, or device for a particular purpose or use.

2. a piece of equipment, usually operated electrically, especially for use in the home or for performance of domestic chores, as a refrigerator, washing machine, or toaster.

3. the act of applying; application.

4. Archaic. a measure; stratagem.

5. Obsolete. compliance. verb (used with object), applianced, appliancing.

6. to equip with appliances: a fully applianced kitchen.

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