Adjective "appliable" definition and examples

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Capable of being applied or put to use.

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    1. to make use of as relevant, suitable, or pertinent: to apply a theory to a problem.

    2. to put to use, especially for a particular purpose: to apply pressure to open a door.

    3. to bring into action; use; employ: He applied the brakes and skidded to a stop.

    4. to use a label or other designation: Don't apply any such term to me.

    5. to use for or assign to a specific purpose: He applied a portion of his salary each week to savings. |-

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    "programs can be appliable to contracts."

    "programs can be appliable."


    (apply)Late Middle English (in an earlier sense). From apply + -able, probably after post-classical Latin applicabilis or Middle French applicable.