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Show approval or praise by clapping.
  1. with object 'his speech was loudly applauded'
  2. 'This is the only film I have ever seen in the cinema where the audience stood up at the end and cheered and applauded.'
  3. 'In the wings of the conference floors one delegate applauded so loudly that his hands must have bled.'
  4. 'We got stiffly to our feet and clapped the encores, applauded and cheered the memory of what we once believed and wanted to be.'
  5. 'The crowd cheered and applauded, their downtrodden spirits uplifted once more at their chosen king's words.'
  6. 'The entire crowd of guests cheered and applauded as the two walked towards the dance floor.'
  7. 'They're shouting and applauding whatever's on.'
  8. 'Every man in maroon leaving the pitch had a hand shaken by their manager as the Hearts supporters cheered and applauded.'
  9. 'The crowd applauded at the speech as the Mayor turned to reveal the sign for the new wing of the museum.'
  10. 'Sporting a tartan dinner suit, he was cheered and applauded as he accepted the silver statue.'
  11. 'The crowd applauded when he said this was a perfect opportunity for the university to ask for more funding.'
  12. 'My son and I rented a boat and when we removed litter floating on the water, people on the shore applauded us.'
  13. 'The police applauded their mounted colleagues; the miners went away to lick their wounds.'
  14. 'She read over them all, and pronounced them good, applauding her employees and their approval of what they were doing.'
  15. 'And he applauded staff who have been made redundant and those lucky enough to still be employed.'
  16. 'It's the one job in the world that you can roll up to stoned out of your mind and you're actually applauded for it.'
  17. 'This is a victory for commonsense and we want to applaud the Minister for standing with the people on this issue.'
  18. 'First off, not all the Jesus crowd is against the concept, so I applaud you people.'
  19. 'Your anonymous writer speaks about the hypocrisy within the Church and then applauds a man for his views which totally contradict the faith that he claims to follow.'
  20. 'The middle section of the tape applauds those artists and activists who used video to tackle political and social issues.'
  21. 'He applauded the boys and girls who had shown leadership by becoming Hosts and Hostesses in the club.'

More definitions

1. to clap the hands as an expression of approval, appreciation, acclamation, etc.: They applauded wildly at the end of the opera.

2. to express approval; give praise; acclaim. verb (used with object)

3. to clap the hands so as to show approval, appreciation, etc., of: to applaud an actor; to applaud a speech.

4. to praise or express approval of: to applaud a person's ambition.

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"places can be applaud."

"others can be applaud."

"officials can be applaud."

"groups can be applaud."

"agencies can be applaud."

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Late 15th century: from Latin applaudere, from ad- ‘to’ + plaudere ‘to clap’, reinforced by French applaudir.