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Stimulating one's appetite.
  1. 'There were so many appetizing choices, Nikki said, she couldn't decide which one to order.'
  2. 'I gave them a miss since my feet were being led by my nostrils, which could sniff the appetising aroma of Chinese food, at a stall nearby.'
  3. 'What attracted them were the appetising aromas of traditional Chinese food in the evening air.'
  4. 'The secret, according to some customers, is the addition of mince radish, which gives the tzongtze a unique and appetizing aroma.'
  5. 'The fragrance of roasted meat drifts into your nostrils, appetizing and mouthwatering.'
  6. 'The smoky haze and appetizing aroma from barbecues greets visitors as they are ushered onto rooftops for a taste of a range of sizzlers, steaks and grills.'
  7. 'The Waffle Cone Sundae, mixed with a topping of your choice and decorated with fresh whipped cream, is a nice appetizing dessert.'
  8. 'The food on the hot counter looked about as appetizing as a row of sun-dried cow pats.'
  9. 'Meat which has been condemned finds its way back into the food chain and ends up as burgers or chicken nuggets - no doubt appetising to youngsters but potentially a danger to their health.'
  10. 'Those ubiquitous south Indian dishes could be made more appetising and delicious if they made ragi and green gram were used as the main ingredients.'

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1. appealing to or stimulating the appetite; savory.

2. appealing; tempting.

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"foods can be appetizing."

"meals can be appetizing."

"colours can be appetizing."

"thoughts can be appetizing."

"structures can be appetizing."

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Mid 17th century: from French appétissant, irregular formation from appétit (see appetite).