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Characterized by a natural desire to satisfy bodily needs.
  1. 'A selective pharmacological effect on appetitive sexual behavior in female rats has not been reported previously, and indicates that central melanocortin systems are important in the regulation of female sexual desire.'
  2. 'The appetitive urge or craving to engage in an ultimately self-destructive behavior represents both a central feature of addiction and an important target for clinical intervention.'
  3. 'The response is typically enhanced during aversive emotions and diminished during appetitive emotions.'
  4. 'Cardiac rate may be a relatively nonspecific indicator of appetitive or aversive arousal in animals confronted with salient valanced stimuli.'
  5. 'In addition, he is generally inclined to share the classical republicans' basic understanding of both virtue and inner freedom in terms of the rational element's rule over the appetitive, passionate element.'
  6. 'The readymade can be seen as a limit case of the aesthetic - its near reductio ad absurdum - which forces us to reflect on the relation of art to the commodity, of the aesthetic to the appetitive.'
  7. 'There are different types of interest, for example, ethical, instrumental, and appetitive.'
  8. 'Specifically, ethanol may be used as an odor cue to localize fruit crops, and may function as an appetitive stimulant, facilitating greater consumption of transient nutritional resources.'
  9. 'In particular, because dopamine bestows an appetitive value on behavior, it will alter behavior in ways that cannot be predicted as a function of a consideration of perceptual events alone.'
  10. 'Incentive behavior consists of appetitive and consummatory responses and generally proceeds from the appetitive phase to the consummatory phase.'

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1. pertaining to appetite.

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"conditionings can be appetitive."

"behaviours can be appetitive."

"reinforcers can be appetitive."

"instincts can be appetitive."

"experiments can be appetitive."

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Mid 16th century: from French appétitif or medieval Latin appetitivus, from appetire ‘seek after’ (see appetite).