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Relating to a limb or limbs.
  1. 'The limbs and appendicular musculature of tetrapods are a further elaboration of the non-axial musculature.'
  2. 'The somatic layer of the lateral plate gives rise to the appendicular skeleton and the connective tissue of the limbs and body wall.'
  3. 'The appendicular skeleton is also dependent on the stability of the axial skeleton, upon which it operates.'

More definitions

1. of or relating to an appendage or limb.

2. Anatomy. appendiceal.

More examples(as adjective)

"jaws can be appendicular."

"infiltrations can be appendicular."

"derivatives can be appendicular."

"colics can be appendicular."


Mid 17th century: from Latin appendicula ‘small appendage’, diminutive of appendix, + -ar.