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A serious medical condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed and painful.
  1. 'For this reason, it may cover up the signs of overdose caused by other medicines or the symptoms of appendicitis.'
  2. 'Laxative use can be dangerous if constipation is caused by a serious condition such as appendicitis or a bowel obstruction.'
  3. 'The symptoms of appendicitis can vary according to your child's age.'
  4. 'The classic symptoms of appendicitis are abdominal pain, fever, loss of appetite, and vomiting.'
  5. 'Already some smaller district hospitals are refusing to operate on children suffering from common conditions such as appendicitis.'
  6. 'An elevated white blood cell count has a low predictive value for appendicitis because it is present in a number of conditions.'
  7. 'Sometimes these symptoms are mistaken for the flu or appendicitis.'
  8. 'Both times I was in the surgical ward along with patients with relatively minor problems like haemorrhoids or appendicitis.'
  9. 'The appendix in man is medically important because of its propensity to become inflamed in the condition known as acute appendicitis.'
  10. 'A hospital spokesman said that appendicitis was a common condition but to have two cases in the same family in such a short time was rare.'

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1. inflammation of the vermiform appendix.

More examples(as adjective)

"sufferers can be appendicitis."

"people can be appendicitis."

"operations can be appendicitis."