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The way that someone or something looks.
  1. 'Japanese marbling patterns were delicate and smoke-like in appearance.'
  2. 'Construction is slipshod, somehow temporary in appearance.'
  3. 'However, up to one in 20 women are left with red, thick or painful scars that can takes years to improve in appearance.'
  4. 'One claimed residents, some of the most desperate of the homeless on the city streets, have already noticeably improved in appearance and health.'
  5. 'For it is the cinematic equivalent of a battery-farmed egg: not exactly rotten, but surrounded by dozens of others just like it in appearance, shape and taste.'
  6. 'I think there is a 90 per cent improvement in appearance and 10 per cent improvement in substance.'
  7. 'He is tanned in appearance and has slightly long, dark hair.'
  8. 'This service method is neat in appearance, sanitary, healthy, and moves the buffet line in a timely manner.'
  9. 'Over the last fifteen years the quality of stock cabinets has vastly improved in appearance, detailing and durability.'
  10. 'It is simple in appearance, tasteful in design, short on text and decked out with color photographs.'
  11. 'she read it with every appearance of interest'
  12. 'His appearance is of interest for his fans but it is not of importance.'
  13. 'It is often said that one should not judge by appearances and I whole-heartedly agree.'
  14. 'If the last twenty-five years had taught him anything it was that outward appearances were wholly untrustworthy.'
  15. 'While most shoppers are well dressed and have an affluent appearance about them, you get the impression that the country's rising tide has not lifted all boats.'
  16. 'It is dangerous to make assumptions based on outward appearances.'
  17. 'To all outward appearances, her sister and brother-in-law treated her well; they were affectionate with her.'
  18. 'Its impressive external appearance was merely a façade for corruption.'
  19. 'In the interest of maintaining the appearance of neutrality, there would be no speakers with any obvious political party affiliation.'
  20. 'How can we be putting all this work into appearances when appearances bear no necessary relation to intent?'
  21. 'Don't judge by appearances, these can be deceiving, follow your heart and you cannot go far wrong!'
An act of performing or participating in a public event.
  1. 'Television appearances, charity events and photo-shoots have often crowded her schedule.'
  2. 'If only the script and performances were as impressive as the guest appearances.'
  3. 'Like it or not, his role requires some public appearances at important events.'
  4. 'The pair are rarely pictured together and avoid joint appearances at public events.'
  5. 'In the offseason, you have some time for public appearances and some endorsement-type situations.'
  6. 'His plans include satisfying the public's desire to see the car by allowing it to make appearances at events and shows throughout the UK.'
  7. 'His list of film appearances and co-stars is impressive.'
  8. 'His public appearances are often jobs for the riot squads.'
  9. 'Granted, security is a big concern whenever the president makes a public appearance.'
  10. 'In fact, he has supplemented his income by making appearances where he performed magic tricks.'
An act of arriving or becoming visible.
  1. 'Her overly cool voice sailed into the kitchen, announcing her appearance moments before she arrived.'
  2. 'His sudden appearances, like the one today, prompted her to accuse him on stalking.'
  3. 'Kat hadn't realized that she had arrived home, and was shocked at her sudden appearance.'
  4. 'Her eyes opened at this statement, and her beautiful smile made a sudden appearance.'
  5. 'The disguise serves him while extorting information from a bank officer, then he uses it to deceive his nemesis if he puts in a sudden appearance.'
  6. 'In our sleepy little town where things moved with the soporific gait of undersea vegetation, high fashion made its startling appearance all of a sudden!'
  7. 'One jarring element was the sudden appearance of guns towards the end of the play, when previously swords were the order of the day.'
  8. 'Many were killed because a rope might break or because a climber could be startled by the sudden appearance of a furious bird.'
  9. 'I asked with as nonchalant a tone as I could muster, as he jumped angrily at my sudden appearance.'
  10. 'The lack of, and in certain cases, the complete absence of gender equality in our own homes makes its visible appearance in our daily routine.'
  11. 'the appearance of the railway'
  12. 'As we age, we most often gauge this process by the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles.'
  13. 'The first stage of the healing process is the appearance of the sickness.'
  14. 'So the appearance of the dinosaurs cannot be a direct result of all these extinctions.'
  15. 'The sudden appearance of an array of conservative politicians on the advisory panels is worrisome.'
  16. 'Now the appearance of colour-screen mobile phones has raised new tasks for them.'

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1. the act or fact of appearing, as to the eye or mind or before the public: the unannounced appearance of dinner guests; the last appearance of Caruso in Aïda; her first appearance at a stockholders' meeting.

2. the state, condition, manner, or style in which a person or object appears; outward look or aspect: a table of antique appearance; a man of noble appearance.

3. outward show or seeming; semblance: to avoid the appearance of coveting an honor.

4. Law. the coming into co

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"reasons can be appearance."


Late Middle English: from Old French aparance, aparence, from late Latin apparentia, from Latin apparere (see appear).


keep up appearances
make (or put in) an appearance
to (or by) all appearances