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Causing shock or dismay; horrific.
  1. 'It was while working for the charity in east Africa that he suffered his appalling injuries.'
  2. 'But he was so moved by our picture of the appalling injuries Rob was left with that he wanted to speak out publicly about his ordeal.'
  3. 'You will also have a constant reminder of your appalling actions through your own and your partner's permanent injuries.'
  4. 'Yes, the abuse they have revealed is disgusting and appalling and it is right that it should be exposed and that we should be horrified.'
  5. 'We are simply asked to contemplate the appalling act and the nightmare that one loathsome human being can inflict on an innocent bystander.'
  6. 'The commission's report revealed a grisly catalogue of facts almost too appalling to believe.'
  7. 'So for my son, this was a terrible shock, and he started having appalling nightmares.'
  8. 'These are the appalling injuries suffered by a man brutally mugged for his wallet as he walked his dog.'
  9. 'This is one of the most shocking and appalling media smears we have seen - and we have been shocked and appalled many times in the past.'
  10. 'Around three in the morning I had an appalling nightmare, the details of which I can't remember.'
  11. 'his conduct was appalling'
  12. 'It is an appalling and chilling chronicle of arrogance, complacency and collusion.'
  13. 'Today, all the alerts, the scares, the predictions became a quite appalling reality.'
  14. 'It was an appalling chronicle of events, with far-reaching, negative outcomes.'
  15. 'Yes, I mean we often do really quite appalling things to people that we love.'
  16. 'That kind of outcome is sad and appalling and it's unfair to decent people who work seriously in politics.'
  17. 'The consequences for the world's poor have been appalling.'
  18. 'This Budget is woefully inadequate in redressing this appalling situation.'
  19. 'The killing of innocents is deplorable and appalling in any part of the world.'
  20. 'The way in which we treat the poor people on the streets is appalling.'
  21. 'I came close to turning down this recital because of the most appalling reviewer's tickets I've ever had.'

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1. causing dismay or horror: an appalling accident; an appalling lack of manners.

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"rests can be appalling by comparisons."

"conditions can be appalling."

"records can be appalling."

"things can be appalling."

"injuries can be appalling."

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