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A person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.
  1. 'Some were maligned as apostates or heretics, and a few were imprisoned, allegedly for transgressing societal mores.'
  2. 'Additionally, it should be obvious that this passage is not commanding apostates be put to death by the fact that the early church obviously did not execute apostates.'
  3. 'Unlike communism and socialism, trade unionism has rarely inspired published ‘second thoughts’ by embittered apostates.'
  4. 'As Rose writes of the professor, ‘He was drawn to schismatics, fiery heretics, apostates - the lunatics of history.’'
  5. 'Defectors and apostates can't be fined, flogged or banished.'
  6. 'It clearly would cover any incitement of hatred by the religious against its heretics, apostates, or members of other faiths.'
  7. 'Those who didn't accept were considered apostates.'
  8. 'But is it reasonable, or just an article of faith in the marriage religion, that apostates must all be cynics or manipulators?'
  9. 'Career counselors, she argued, have to find ways to persuade unemployed Ph.D.'s to believe that the outside world is not evil and that they are not apostates if they do something besides teaching and research.'


Abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.
  1. 'Ancient traditions regarding this apostate leader show that he rebelled against God, and in so doing, created a worldwide apostasy.'
  2. 'That said, however, I was not speaking of non-Christians or apostate Catholics in my blog.'
  3. 'Then, as now, there were apostate religious leaders; adultery, divorce, falsehood, oppression and cruelty were rife.'

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1. a person who forsakes his religion, cause, party, etc. adjective

2. of or characterized by apostasy.

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"regimes can be apostate."

"eras can be apostate."

"emperors can be apostate."

"churches can be apostate."

"characters can be apostate."

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Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin apostata, from Greek apostatēs ‘apostate, runaway slave’.