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Relating to or denoting multicellular glands which release some of their cytoplasm in their secretions, especially the sweat glands associated with hair follicles in the armpits and pubic regions.
  1. 'The smell is made by the bacteria that feed on this sweat, which comes from the apocrine glands in the armpits and groin area.'
  2. 'The human body contains two types of sweat glands - apocrine and eccrine.'

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1. of or relating to certain glands whose secretions are acted upon by bacteria to produce the characteristic odor of perspiration (distinguished from eccrine).

2. of or relating to such secretions: apocrine sweat.

More examples(as adjective)

"glands can be apocrine."

"secretions can be apocrine."


Early 20th century: from apo- + Greek krinein ‘to separate’.