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Describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.
  1. 'I'm not sure the apocalyptic vision is helpful.'
  2. 'His work was seminal for understanding the role and importance of apocalyptic literature and its interpretations in the lives of early seventeenth-century Puritans.'
  3. 'Despairing, however, that he would only be remembered as a political satirist and not a genuine artist in his own right, he changed his subject matter to romantic landscapes or apocalyptic visions of the future.'
  4. 'It was composed and published in a crucial period of European apocalyptic anxiety and millennial anticipation.'
  5. 'Nor is he given to apocalyptic prophecies.'
  6. 'Rejecting it would mean moving toward strike action, which union leaders are describing in apocalyptic tones.'
  7. 'The book's second half focuses on the ethics of prophetic and apocalyptic literature.'
  8. 'His apocalyptic vision looks more like prophecy than fiction.'
  9. 'It was written during the terrifying times of the Cuban missile crisis, but it depicts apocalyptic visions rather than specific details.'
  10. 'The rise of environmental politics since the late 1960s directly stimulated historical scholarship, and gave the new environmental history an occasionally apocalyptic and moralistic tone.'
  11. 'the struggle between the two countries is assuming apocalyptic proportions'
  12. 'Manichaean symbols and apocalyptic scenarios are bandied about with future consequences and rhetorical restraint thrown to the winds.'
  13. 'Such an apocalyptic development would have consequences that, although largely unpredictable in their specifics, would be grave for the region and for the international system as a whole.'
  14. 'Again, the only real cure to this neurosis, which is apparently taking on apocalyptic proportions, would be for him to feel good about himself.'
  15. 'The army is ferrying in troops, but they are facing apocalyptic destruction, entire neighborhoods razed to the ground.'
  16. 'Inside the ring, he is a gladiator of apocalyptic proportions.'
  17. 'Such stylistic whimsy hardly seems appropriate to the solemn themes of apocalyptic war and nuclear disaster which consequently lose much of their weight and urgency.'
  18. 'Do you not realise the serious catastrophic, apocalyptic implications if he is correct?'
  19. 'This report of the UK media awards describes a an apocalyptic scene, as scribes, put beyond use with alcohol, heckle and taunt their peers; standing on stools, booing the MC off the stage.'
  20. 'The aim is to reach back into history to grab on to things because this apocalyptic event has happened.'
  21. 'All Western democracies are now acutely aware of the apocalyptic consequences of a well-orchestrated attack on high-profile facilities.'
  22. 'The scribal community similarly took the destruction of Jerusalem and fit it into the apocalyptic narrative of the destruction and return of once and future cities.'
  23. 'I love the way that, in the apocalyptic destruction of Genesis, Nimoy sidesteps the action for the briefest second to show us the beauty of the last sunset on the dying world.'
  24. 'It might also be seen as a prologue to the twentieth century's proliferation of apocalyptic literary imagery.'
  25. 'He suspects this support is based on a reading of Christian prophecy that requires an apocalyptic war in the Middle East as the precondition for Christ's return.'
  26. 'Again, the gospel's apocalyptic imagery denotes the end of an age and calls the people to a shared, wide-awake clarity of purpose.'
  27. 'The closest the FBI gets to a motive for the smallpox attack is an apocalyptic Biblical passage left behind by the terrorist.'
  28. 'The other times I see him focusing on his artwork while attending the San Francisco Academy of Art and creating his war-torn, apocalyptic imagery that needs few words to explain.'
  29. 'This might well be related to the imagery of God depicted in apocalyptic accounts.'

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1. of or like an apocalypse; affording a revelation or prophecy.

2. pertaining to the Apocalypse or biblical book of Revelation.

3. predicting or presaging imminent disaster and total or universal destruction: the apocalyptic vision of some contemporary writers.

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"visions can be apocalyptic."

"warnings can be apocalyptic."

"naturalisms can be apocalyptic."

"views can be apocalyptic."

"tornadoeses can be apocalyptic."

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Early 17th century (as a noun denoting the writer of the Apocalypse, St John): from Greek apokaluptikos, from apokaluptein ‘uncover’ (see apocalypse).