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To, for, or by each one of a group (used after a noun or an amount)
  1. 'Both sides failed to run away with the lead and on 15 minutes of play they had three points apiece.'
  2. 'With two wins apiece from their opening two games, England currently head both the men's and women's tables.'
  3. 'York City's two matches this week realised a point apiece but in all other aspects it was a week of contrasts for the Minstermen.'
  4. 'Maybe I'm missing the point, but wouldn't it make more sense to give 77 people a million apiece?'
  5. 'A large crowd watched a very competitive decider and the sides finished level at two goals apiece.'
  6. 'However both sides would have to be happy with a point apiece in a brilliant game, which was a delight to watch.'
  7. 'With each team recording a win apiece so far this year the feeling is optimistic in both squads.'
  8. 'Scores were slow to come in the first half, and it was only two points apiece after 20 minutes.'
  9. 'Instead the home team began to dictate the exchanges although it still remained nil apiece come half time.'
  10. 'A goal apiece in the extra period meant the teams still couldn't be separated.'

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1. for each piece, thing, or person; for each one; each: We ate an orange apiece. The cakes cost a dollar apiece.

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"hits can be apiece for places."

"hits can be apiece."

"points can be apiece."

"whiles can be apiece."

"sides can be apiece."

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Late Middle English: from a + piece.