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To any further extent; any longer.
  1. 'you don't get men like him anymore'
  2. 'Looking for a bargain, or trying to find an old disc that the big chains don't carry any more.'
  3. 'I the world we live in today, every day we are faced with things that are just not good for us any more.'
  4. 'Back from school, I sat in my room, too weak and tired to do any more, so glad to rest.'
  5. 'After a few years, I could no longer fool myself that the drugs were working any more.'
  6. 'Back home you avoid each other in the street or pub and you don't call round at their house any more.'

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1. any longer.

2. nowadays; presently.

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"consumers can be anymore for mixes."

"people can be anymore."

"supervisors can be anymore."

"positions can be anymore."

"times can be anymore."

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