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  1. 'Belfast are the strongest by far but, apart from them, anybody can beat anyone else.'
  2. 'She is a horrible person and why anybody likes her or, gods forbid, admires her is beyond me.'
  3. 'York police recommend that if you spot anybody suspicious you should call them.'
  4. 'You know there are people who cheat, but you just go out there to be the best you can be and not worry about anybody else.'
  5. 'Hardly anybody but jazz buffs knows about the tenor saxophonist Wardell Gray any more.'
  6. 'Their next stage is to interview shopkeepers or anybody involved in the retail industry.'
  7. 'Anyway I was wondering if anybody ever actually saw any of these films and if so what where they like.'
  8. 'Make something amazing that will really blow the mind of anybody who sees it.'
  9. 'I'm looking to see if there is anybody up there who can open the door to his office for me.'
  10. 'Statistics show the probability of an attack on myself or anybody else to be extremely remote.'

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1. any person. noun, plural anybodies.

2. a person of some importance: If you're anybody, you'll receive an invitation. Idioms

3. anybody's guess, a matter of conjecture: It's anybody's guess why she quit.

More examples(as adjective)

"guesses can be anybodys."