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Bring to life.
  1. 'A similar theme animates Waiting for the Barbarians and The Life and Times of Michael K, the two strongest novels by 2003 Nobel laureate J. M. Coetzee.'
  2. 'I don't know if I buy the idea that this is actually what's animating their foreign policy, though I think the fundamental distinction is sound.'
  3. 'But all are animated by color and line moving over them.'
  4. 'What is certain is that any such withdrawal would betray the religious concepts of the state which animate the faith-based initiative.'
  5. 'It throws light on a fantastic plan to animate the promenade of the resort by building a series of four giant follies.'
  6. 'The dead-end of Western policy towards Baghdad is also animating fears about what comes next.'
  7. 'By moving beyond the divisions that often segregate both people and art forms, Diakite eloquently demonstrates the interconnectedness that animates the universe.'
  8. 'It is animated by light - direct sunlight creates a glow.'
  9. 'On this understanding, if the body shows signs of life, then there must be a soul which is animating it; if, at the other end of life, no vital signs can be detected, then ‘the soul has fled’.'
  10. 'What strange powers animate the ancient songs brought by the settlers of Founderston from their distant island home along with the bones of Lazarus?'
  11. 'she has animated the government with a sense of political direction'
  12. 'Brown may never return to the ideas that animated his initial intuition about Oakland as an ‘ecopolis of the future.’'
  13. 'The subject of sport animated him, switched on the plug.'
  14. 'We knew we had to bring the lifeline of communications to everyone, and this animated our entire response.'
  15. 'In Paris and later, a strong sense of color continued to animate his work.'
  16. 'Metaphors animate and renew meanings; metaphysics supplies tools to think with.'
  17. 'The one-nation ideal, which animated our national struggle, is still there.'
  18. 'Talk of renewing the armed struggle was a common theme that animated the narratives.'
  19. 'As for personal picks, local choreographer Marie Chouinard, always a festival fave, animates her company both physically and vocally in her latest creation Chorale, which premiered in Italy earlier this year.'
  20. 'His inspired perspective has animated prophets and artists and dreamers down through the centuries.'
  21. 'Egalitarianism is the underlying value system that animates all of these groups - though they differ greatly among themselves in the policies and strategies they embrace to realize their values.'
Give (a film or character) the appearance of movement using animation techniques.
  1. 'He lent his voice talent to many animated characters, but this one is closest to his own spirit.'
  2. 'Last year, Walt Disney Studios released what has been rumored to be one of its final traditionally animated feature-length films.'
  3. 'The agreement begins in 2006 when Pixar will release its first animated feature film while not under the Disney umbrella.'
  4. 'Davis became one of many who would hide his comic book pages when a supervisor came by, and hurriedly return to animating Popeye cartoons.'
  5. 'Most people know Disney's Snow White as the first animated feature film.'
  6. 'As long as future computer animated films maintain the same level of quality as that of the pioneers in the field, their ascendance can only be seen as a positive thing.'
  7. 'Oskar Fischinger back in the Thirties was animating abstract visuals to music and projecting those.'
  8. 'In the last ten years, the vast majority of Disney animated films have been soundtrack compilations with a story tacked on.'
  9. 'All animated films may not be for children, but most are.'
  10. 'Not that long ago, it was a painstaking task to mix animated characters with real ones.'


Alive or having life.
  1. 'A child uses many things when externalizing - both animate and inanimate objects are innocently used to promote and protect individual core identity.'
  2. 'Singh manifests myriad hues creating a symbiosis between animate and inanimate objects.'
  3. 'We shifted our perspective, slowed ourselves down and began to notice the world as a living, breathing beauty, an animate environment of which we humans are a portion, but not its possessors.'
  4. 'The Tibetan medicine system believes that all phenomena (both animate and inanimate) are comprised of five fundamental elements.'
  5. 'It is this quality that makes Griffiths' poetry good - that touching distance between the animate and the inanimate, life and words, that can be breached by poetry.'
  6. 'Traditional Maori beliefs are, for example, that all objects, both animate and inanimate, have a life force, a mauri.'
  7. 'I am late coming to this understanding of the creative power of art to touch us in unexpected ways but so grateful to finally feel the beat of animate life in the inanimate object.'
  8. 'The ‘agent’ in question is merely an organic part of A's body and so not a rational agent or even an ‘animate’ agent, in the sense in which an entire living organism is an animate agent.'
  9. 'The truth of the matter is that we are very fragile, transient creatures, totally dependent on the complexity of those around us, human and non-human, animate and inanimate.'
  10. 'Everything animate or inanimate that is within the universe is controlled and owned by the Lord.'


1. to give life to; make alive: God animated the dust.

2. to make lively, vivacious, or vigorous; give zest or spirit to: Her presence animated the party.

3. to fill with courage or boldness; encourage: to animate weary troops.

4. to move or stir to action; motivate: He was animated by religious zeal.

5. to give motion to: leaves animated by a breeze.

6. to render or produce (a story, character, movie, etc.) by using animation: t

More examples(as adjective)

"standing waves can be animate as powers."

"beingses can be animate."

"actors can be animate."

"acted-upons can be animate."

"subjects can be animate."

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Late Middle English: from Latin animat- ‘instilled with life’, from the verb animare, from anima ‘life, soul’.