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A glossy black long-tailed bird of the cuckoo family, with a large deep bill, found in Central and South America.
  1. 'On some occasions anis also use tamarin trees to roost or rest during the heat.'
  2. 'The Smooth-billed Ani is a tropical bird found nowhere in the U.S. but south Florida.'
  3. 'Be on the lookout for Caribbean dove, West Indian woodpecker, Cuban bullfinch, and smooth-billed ani.'
  4. 'Another parenting pattern that might lead to brood parasitism is cooperative breeding, seen in cuckoos such as Anis and the Guira Cuckoo.'
  5. 'Cuckoos, coucals, anis, malkohas, and roadrunners are approximately 127 species of birds that make up the family Cuculidae.'
  6. 'Many birds eat insects. Anis and Cattle Egret are well known for eating ticks from goats and cattle.'
  7. 'The anis and guira cuckoo (Crotophaginae) are group-living cooperative breeders.'
  8. 'Because anis have altricial nestlings, the provisioning help of all breeding adults is essential.'
  9. 'Among groove-billed anis (large, ravenlike neotropical birds), several females deposit eggs in a communal nest, and the dominant female is especially likely to evict the eggs of subordinates.'

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1. any of several black, tropical American cuckoos of the genus Crotophaga, having a compressed, bladelike bill.

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"origins can be ani."


Early 19th century: from Spanish ani, Portuguese anum, from Tupi anũ.