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Suffering from anaemia.
  1. 'an anaemic patient'
  2. 'Therefore, if a patient is anemic and the guaiac test result is negative, gastrointestinal hemorrhage still cannot be totally excluded, especially with bleeding from the lower gastrointestinal tract.'
  3. 'Our results highlight that in African communities in which malaria is endemic there are severely anaemic children who are not detected by the current healthcare system and who seem to be at considerable risk of poor development.'
  4. 'The frequency of perioperative blood transfusion was significantly higher in the patients who were anemic.'
  5. 'The process of inducing acute anemia was considered dangerous, as it places patients at risk for anemic complications in addition to those associated with the surgical procedure.'
  6. 'Most of them are severely anemic and suffer from aches and pains.'
  7. 'If you are anemic your health care provider may prescribe an iron supplement.'
  8. 'When jaundice does not respond to phototherapy, or when the baby is anemic, a blood transfusion may be necessary.'
  9. 'If you are anemic and don't have iron or vitamin B12 lack (about 70% of all anemic patients), what do you have?'
  10. 'He said examples where it might be better to avoid a transfusion, as a precaution, included patients who were slightly anaemic following hospital treatment.'
  11. 'Although it has been thought of as a symptom of iron deficiency, it is more commonly discovered in patients who are not anemic.'
  12. 'Boro gave a thoroughly anaemic performance'
  13. 'The mystery attic boarder wrapped bobby pins in twists of toilet tissue - pale lime, or anemic strawberry - and slipped them under my door after dark.'
  14. 'It has worked for a colourless anaemic religion to which men pay lip homage.'
  15. 'I blamed the lack of flowering and the anemic show of leaves on poor soil.'
  16. 'The majority are contemporary Spanish hits and may go over well with the hometown crowd - but to an outsider, they sound pretty lame and anaemic.'
  17. 'Spindle-thin trunks of Douglas fir and western larch stood in anemic, dying thickets, toppling like the flagpoles of small, failed nations.'
  18. 'Setup is joyously simple, and DVD performance is good, if not spectacular, but the sound is anaemic, lacking sufficient detail for music and serious clout for movies.'
  19. 'The picture seems annoyingly soft - some of this may have been intentional in the original production - with weak definition and anemic color.'
  20. 'It is anaemic, lacking in vision, and a generally debate-free zone.'
  21. 'But it's also likely to reflect continued weak investment by businesses in new plants and equipment, a factor contributing to the first quarter's anemic performance, economists said.'
  22. 'Alternatively, let's say your system performance is really anemic today.'


1. Pathology. suffering from anemia.

2. lacking power, vigor, vitality, or colorfulness; listless; weak: an anemic effort; anemic tones.

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"growths can be anemic."

"trades can be anemic."

"tradings can be anemic."

"sales can be anemic."

"economies can be anemic."

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