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Used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences, that are to be taken jointly.
  1. 'they can read and write'
  2. 'He was wearing a navy blue and green anorak.'
  3. 'He and I had been friends for a long time.'
  4. 'The shop, which sells donated books and CDs, helps owners on benefits to pay for treatment for sick pets.'
  5. 'She started out quietly and apologetically but her voice quickly gained firmness.'
  6. 'He regularly dropped in and did a few hours' work.'
  7. 'The man then ran towards a waiting car and was driven away by someone else.'
  8. 'When they reached the surface, they took deep breaths and swam for their boat.'
  9. 'But the fun had gone out of it and the next day we did not travel.'
  10. 'Don't take the movie too seriously, and you might enjoy it too.'
  11. 'getting better and better'
  12. 'The standard of entry is getting higher and higher every year.'
  13. 'Spamming is getting worse and worse - and more profitable for spammers.'
  14. 'I cried and cried'
  15. 'I've been a humongous fan of his music for years and years.'
  16. 'This was a very flat land - he could see for miles and miles, it seemed.'
  17. 'all human conduct is determined or caused—but there are causes and causes'
  18. 'I guess my view is that there is anger and then there's anger.'
  19. 'There is heat and there is too much heat.'
  20. 'six and four makes ten'
  21. 'I believe that four and four are eight.'
  22. 'a line of men marching two and two'
Used to introduce an additional comment or interjection.
  1. 'As an incentive, a customer that brings friends - and hopefully sales - to a party may receive additional discounts.'
  2. 'For Leonardo, the human body, and especially the face, revealed an infinite capacity for expression.'
  3. 'I'm worried (and she is as well) that she doesn't have a direction she wants to move in, job-wise.'
  4. '‘When I heard the rumor from a friend I passed it along.’ ‘And who would this friend be?’'
  5. '‘Does not a mother love her child?’ ‘And what if you never went back home to her?’'
  6. '‘He wanted to know if I wanted to be his partner for a social project.’ ‘And what did you say?’'
  7. 'Anyway, thank you for your lovely review! And here is the next chapter.'
  8. 'And so to the evening's highlight: Shostakovich's extraordinary Trio No 2 in E minor.'
Used after some verbs and before another verb to indicate intention, instead of ‘to’
  1. 'We're going to see a day where 100,000 people come and worship with us on a weekend, between our five services.'
  2. 'Our primary objective right now is to try and market the region as a whole.'
  3. 'Let's go and find out who this guy really is.'


A Boolean operator which gives the value one if and only if all the operands are one, and otherwise has a value of zero.
  1. 'Using AND gates the researchers can synchronize the time-gated and non-gated signals to within 3 ns.'
  2. 'The AND gate performs a logical ‘and ‘operation on two inputs, A and B.’'

Andorra (international vehicle registration).

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    1. (used to connect grammatically coordinate words, phrases, or clauses) along or together with; as well as; in addition to; besides; also; moreover: pens and pencils.

    2. added to; plus: 2 and 2 are


    3. then: He read for an hour and went to bed.

    4. also, at the same time: to sleep and dream.

    5. then again; repeatedly: He coughed and coughed.

    6. (used to imply different qualities in things having the same name): There are bargains and bargains, so watch out. |-

    More examples(as adjective)

    "plans can be ands."

    "economies can be ands."


    (and)Old English and, ond, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch en and German und.