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Cause (someone) to find something funny.
  1. 'people looked on with amused curiosity'
  2. 'Unless something amuses me or I happen to be blissfully happy, I'm not usually smiling.'
  3. 'I don't mind it when people's heads roll off their shoulder and land against mine, because the way they snort awake suddenly and realise what position they're in amuses me.'
  4. 'If you need a quick gag to lighten up your day and the thought of people with glasses getting rubber balls mashed into their skulls amuses you I thoroughly recommend this flick as it delivers the ridiculous comedic goods.'
  5. 'Don't ask how I found this out, but it amuses me immensely.'
  6. 'Alicia's polite and cheerful demeanor amuses the man, and he begins to chuckle until the tender sparkle in her eye renders him silent.'
  7. 'One thing which amuses me - and I may have mentioned some of this before - is that I can recall when movie and TV studios used to prosecute collectors who had old footage from their shows and movies.'
  8. 'He is very easy to cook for, he always amuses me with his quirky sense of humour and I enjoy being in his company and miss him awfully whenever he is working a different shift then I am.'
  9. 'It's a persistent bother, but that always amuses me.'
  10. 'We were delightfully amused by the cops who came onto the beach to check everyone for booze.'
  11. 'I think that sort of amuses me, though it makes me happy that people are so intrigued by this so far.'
Provide interesting and enjoyable occupation for (someone); entertain.
  1. 'If you can tear yourself away from the hotel and the beach, you will find plenty of other activities to amuse you.'
  2. 'I amused myself by ripping bits of paper off the corner of my finished worksheet.'
  3. 'Camie and I amused ourselves very well and dear old Betty was very kind to us, helping us in every way she could think of.'
  4. 'I had totally forgotten about it, so have amused myself for a few minutes looking at the search strings.'
  5. 'Who needs a doting husband anyway when you've got money, malls and lots of petty activities to amuse you?'
  6. 'To read it is like spending hours with an erudite conversationalist who is disposed to amuse you.'
  7. 'Is it some sort of enjoyable moviegoing experience that is here to amuse you?'
  8. 'Apart from obviously amusing the director himself, it is about as entertaining as a high heel in the back.'
  9. 'Children were kept amused by entertainers Crystal and Dandelion who did face painting and put on a music show.'
  10. 'The Australians never really cottoned on to the idea that sport was a way in which gentlemen amused themselves.'

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1. pleasurably entertained, occupied, or diverted.

2. displaying amusement: an amused expression on her face.

3. aroused to mirth.

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"tourists can be amused for rests."

"sergeants can be amused by situations."

"people can be amused for years."

"people can be amused for months."

"people can be amused for hours."

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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘delude, deceive’): from Old French amuser ‘entertain, deceive’, from a- (expressing causal effect) + muser ‘stare stupidly’. Current senses date from the mid 17th century.