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Able to use the right and left hands equally well.
  1. 'Linden was ambidextrous, capable of using both her hands with equal ability - to write, throw, anything.'
  2. 'I'm trying to become ambidextrous, but it isn't really working.'
  3. 'He throws and bats left-handed, but he's ambidextrous.'
  4. 'It's just different, in the way that right-handed people are different from, but not better than, left-handed or ambidextrous people.'
  5. 'Witness the ambidextrous chimpanzee: In captivity, it typically picks branches up with its left hand but digs peanut butter out of a tube with its right.'
  6. 'I'm slightly ambidextrous (mostly right-handed including writing but I throw/bowl/chuck left-handed).'
  7. 'The Nottingham star remarked that his ambidextrous opponent was probably not as good playing with his left hand as his right.'
  8. 'My father, who's ambidextrous, makes it look easy.'
  9. '‘We're not all ambidextrous,’ Vaughn said, catching his breath.'
  10. 'He carved only with his right hand and was surprised to learn that some carvers were ambidextrous.'
  11. 'an ambidextrous tile gauge'
  12. 'The back of it sports ambidextrous safety levers.'
  13. 'The ambidextrous safety levers were just the right size: big enough to be fast and positive to release, small enough that they weren't accidentally released in routine carry.'
  14. 'The design of the stock is highly ergonomic and totally ambidextrous, so it doesn't take long at all to become intimately familiar with the gun.'
  15. 'The light is activated with an ambidextrous pressure switch just under the trigger guard, wrapped around the front area of the grips.'
  16. 'The new wire clip is ambidextrous and carries the knife tip down.'


1. able to use both hands equally well: an ambidextrous surgeon.

2. unusually skillful; facile: an ambidextrous painter, familiar with all media.

3. double-dealing; deceitful.

4. Slang. bisexual.

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"universes can be ambidextrous."

"people can be ambidextrous."

"gauges can be ambidextrous."

"games can be ambidextrous."

"fews can be ambidextrous."

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Mid 17th century: from late Latin ambidexter (from Latin ambi- ‘on both sides’ + dexter ‘right-handed’) + -ous.