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Surprise (someone) greatly; fill with astonishment.
  1. with object and clause 'I was amazed that he could remember me'
  2. 'It always amazes me how anybody can overlook the basic truths about America.'
  3. 'It amazes her that there is no union or association for models.'
  4. 'It amazes me that somebody can say very little, and not very loudly at all, and everyone listens to what she has to say.'
  5. 'Wayne has performed many times and each time he amazes audiences with his vocals.'
  6. 'It amazes me how common sense never prevails in situations like this.'
  7. 'What amazes me about this interview is that he sees everything so clearly.'
  8. 'What amazes me is that it doesn't happen more often - that other people don't stand their ground.'
  9. 'Mrs. Johnson’s mouth dropped open in amazed disbelief.'
  10. 'It will undoubtedly stun and amaze you to know that my fashion sense has always been a bit dodgy.'
  11. 'When I put that in some perspective, it amazes me that I took so long to return.'

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1. greatly surprised; astounded; suddenly filled with wonder: The magician made the dove disappear before our amazed eyes.

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"people can be amazed at things."

"people can be amazed in/at/on days."

"people can be amazed from pullbackses."

"people can be amazed by abilities."

"people can be amazed at fascinations."

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Old English āmasian, of unknown origin.