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The table in a Christian church at which the bread and wine are consecrated in communion services.
  1. 'He referred not so much to architectural form as to dedication of three altars in one church as symbolising the three persons in the consubstantial unity of God.'
  2. 'Our parishioner had lived through the removal, replacement and removal again of altars and stained-glass windows.'
  3. 'When it is available for viewing, one marvels at every tiny thread hand-knotted into incredibly intricate patterns, forming delicate swaths long and wide enough to wrap around cathedral altars.'
  4. 'The altar of his church in Bridgewater Street is adorned with the national flag.'
  5. 'Much of the gold and silver was used in the production of ecclesiastical items such as altar-crosses, reliquaries, and portative altars; the church being the client who could afford such wonderful pieces of work.'
  6. 'Offerings to saints - intended to promote healing - hang on strings near many church altars.'
  7. 'I want to see William standing by the altar of the church that I've attended since I was a child.'
  8. 'At the centre you see two large, flat-topped boulders which look like an altar in a cathedral nave.'
  9. 'A representative of each family is invited to place a candle on the altar during the service.'
  10. 'Yet thousands of churches see empty altars week after week and year after year and cover this sterile situation by misapplying the Scripture.'
  11. 'Every city-state had temples to its patron deity and shrines and altars to many others.'
  12. 'The Buddha is not a god but the place teems with statues and altars to him.'
  13. 'Many religious practitioners create altars that are associated with crossed practices.'
  14. 'In the absence of ancestral halls in the United States, they perform rituals at miniature altars at home and in the place of business and in sanctuaries found in district and family associations in Chinatowns.'
  15. 'The requirements for altars, incense, and offerings were described to Moses by God.'
  16. 'The fire altars symbolized the universe and there were three types of altars representing the earth, the atmosphere and the sky.'
  17. 'Ancient rituals have been revived, sacrificial altars rebuilt and lunar patterns observed with increasing attention.'
  18. 'Aromatics were to become so popular, that a special edict was declared in 30 A.D. that forbade the personal use of exotic scents as the supplies for use on ritual altars were growing scarce.'
  19. 'Perseus made three altars and three sacrifices - one to Mercury, one to Jove, and one to Athene - for their assistance in his battles against Medusa, Atlas, and the sea monster.'
  20. 'If it is certain that Maya altars received offerings or ritual goods, the particular ritual actions performed at these stones remains wholly unclear.'

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1. an elevated place or structure, as a mound or platform, at which religious rites are performed or on which sacrifices are offered to gods, ancestors, etc.

2. Ecclesiastical. communion table.

3. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Ara.

4. (in a dry dock) a ledge for supporting the feet of shorings. Idioms

5. lead to the altar, to marry: After a five-year courtship, he led her to the altar.

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"frontals can be altar."


Old English altar, alter, based on late Latin altar, altarium, from Latin altus ‘high’.


lead someone to the altar
sacrifice someone/something on/at the altar of someone/something