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The first letter of the Greek alphabet (Α, α), transliterated as ‘a’.
  1. 'Her talent scarcely runs the gamut from A to alpha minus.'
  2. 'the α and β chains of haemoglobin'
  3. 'The log power of activity in delta, theta, alpha, sigma, and beta bandwidths was computed.'
  4. 'First my head was wrapped to monitor my alpha and theta brainwaves.'
  5. 'he had been awarded alpha double plus'
  6. 'He added, with the devastating practicality of the true alpha double plus aesthete, that there was queer old difference between maintaining a path a hundred yards long and a maintaining a path three hundred yards long.'
  7. 'the pack is a tightly knit, highly organized group, led by an alpha wolf'
  8. 'Conniff explains that when chimpanzees approach an alpha member, they appear to reduce their body size a bit.'
  9. 'At Fauna, Anna's role was that of the "alpha chimp," the sort of head of the clan.'
  10. 'Periodically, fights broke out between the males as they competed for the coveted role of alpha grouse.'
  11. 'We've found that it's often a single alpha animal or pair that are preying on sheep that have moved into the pack's territory.'
  12. 'This is the same type of behavior a submissive member of a wild dog pack would show to the alpha dog in that pack.'
  13. 'The one bird I do find unattractive is the menacing seagull, particularly the alpha individuals who bully the others away from sources of food by craning their necks and gargling like their throat has been slit.'
  14. 'He talked about how the alpha male chimp tends to have one of two models of leadership, one being a bullying model and the other being a populist leader model.'
  15. 'This pup should be considered the alpha dog of the litter.'
  16. 'This pair is monogamous although, with the death of an alpha individual, a new alpha male or female will emerge and take over as the mate.'
  17. 'Modern primatologists point out that an alpha animal, contrary to its reputation as solitary lord of all it surveys, is thickly enmeshed in a social webbing, dependent on the reciprocities of group life.'
  18. 'If your party ideology is the cult of individualism, then it's no surprise they all see themselves as the alpha boss.'
  19. 'Known as the "order committee", these alpha gangsters were the sole authority because successive Guatemalan governments simply abandoned the facility.'
  20. 'They have portrayed the company as a sort of alpha polluter, providing funds to environmentally destructive logging and mining projects all over the globe.'
  21. 'For the capital's alpha toddlers, children's charity parties have become the events to see and be seen.'
  22. 'Thanks to these alpha parents' first-rate genes and nonstop cocktail parties, their scions were both very good-looking and highly adept at small talk.'
  23. 'He is the alpha villain in the game.'
  24. 'You give yourself the right to be the alpha developer in this space.'
  25. 'He is now doing a complete makeover of the house of Atlanta's alpha chef.'
  26. 'Although there is no point where a formal line can be drawn, there is a subset of people with a disproportinate amount of links, traffic, and influence who are, by tradition called the alpha bloggers.'
  27. 'The alpha bloggers spread concepts like Typhoid Marys.'
  28. 'We weren't asked a cent for the privilege of downloading their music - presumably once Wippit gets out of alpha, the company will begin charging.'
  29. 'The final release of the game is hardly better than the leaked alpha, which they said was nothing but a rough version, that needed polishing.'
  30. 'As well, the Behind Enemy Lines multiplayer mode was an addition that was actually created after alpha, when we were continually testing and polishing.'
  31. 'And now, in a small nebula brimming with new lifeforms, ready and innocently waiting to see what the universe had in store for them, an Alpha lurks.'
  32. 'an alpha emitter'
  33. 'Helium, a light gas, is formed during radioactive alpha decay in rock minerals.'
  34. 'Among the commonly known alpha emitters are various isotopes of polonium, radium, thorium, uranium and all of the transuranium elements.'
A code word representing the letter A, used in radio communication.
  1. 'We soon learned that the alpha bravo code is a type of phonetic alphabet used by NATO.'

A plane angle.
    Angular acceleration.
      Right ascension.

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        1. the first letter of the Greek alphabet (A, α).

        2. the vowel sound represented by this letter.

        3. the first; beginning.

        4. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. used to designate the brightest star in a constellation.

        5. Chemistry. one of two or more isomeric compounds.

        6. the first in a series of related items: frequently used in chemistry and physics.

        7. Chiefly British. a mark or grade corresponding to an A.Compare beta (def 8), gamma (def 9). adjective

        8. (of an animal) h

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        "stars can be alpha in/at/on seconds."

        "stars can be alpha in/at/on people."

        "banks can be alpha."

        "credits can be alpha."

        "chips can be alpha."

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        Via Latin from Greek.


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