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adjective & adverb

Having no one else present; on one's own.
  1. as adverb 'he lives alone'
  2. 'It was the first time James and I had been together alone for over six years.'
  3. 'That winter the two writers were alone together for the first time, but it was not an idyllic experience.'
  4. 'The pressure inside the container is the sum of the pressures that each gas would exert if it were present alone.'
  5. 'They'd been alone together, almost as if they were in their own private little world.'
  6. 'Even as very young children they would sit quietly alone and talk together.'
  7. 'There were a lot of opportunities for them to be alone together discussing her graduation project.'
  8. 'Most of the time Brady joined them, but there were plenty of times for them to be together alone.'
  9. 'That sounds very much like a bribe, but Pearson insists that adults need time when they can be together alone.'
  10. 'After a show, when it was just the two of us alone together, he would leap up in the air three times to tell me how much he liked the work.'
  11. 'Today was the first time we'd ever been alone together when one of your stooges wasn't listening in.'
  12. as predicative adjective 'they were not alone in dissenting from the advice'
  13. 'It was the work of a single individual, working alone and in secret.'
  14. 'Neither approach alone can begin to present a complete picture of the writers involved.'
  15. 'Only candidates who secure more than 50 per cent of the votes alone must be declared elected.'
  16. 'He raised four children alone as a single father and is now an independent consultant.'
  17. 'Why will we now have single officers on duty alone at night in prisons?'
  18. 'Many Alto programs can be controlled with the mouse alone independent of a keyboard.'
  19. 'They can usually purchase media on more favourable terms than a single company acting alone.'
  20. 'It is for the participating individuals alone to decide what the terms of their marriage shall be.'
  21. 'On a very serious note, I just don't know how single parents cope with this alone.'
  22. 'She was supported by a small pension and lived alone and friendless in a small rented room.'
  23. 'Reading will save me from looking too pathetically alone and friendless all day.'
  24. 'It was never a good feeling to seem alone and friendless wherever you were.'
  25. 'I threatened to tell her but he says he would just laugh it off and make her think it is because I am alone and lonely.'
  26. 'I think being a writer you never need to feel alone or lonely ever again because it's like you've created your own world.'
  27. 'I am working on my fears of abandonment, of being alone and unloved, of starting over and of success and failure.'
  28. 'She looked away and her eye caught a man lounging in the corner, looking alone and forlorn.'
Indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient.
  1. 'it was a smile for him alone'
  2. 'As C.S. Lewis put it, in the present moment alone are we offered freedom and actuality.'
  3. 'The contests were not confined to students alone, there were contests for special children too.'
  4. 'She flicked the ashes from her long French cigarette and smiled, addressing Loren alone.'
  5. 'It was understood that Estelle was answerable to Dorset alone.'
  6. 'The loss to be suffered may not remain confined to this world alone but also transfer to the next world.'
  7. 'For her, progress of a student should never be confined to academics alone.'
  8. 'During adaptation, both inducing and induced stimuli are presented to one eye alone.'
  9. 'Therefore, I don't see any reason why netball should be confined to the women alone.'
  10. 'Freedom is a condition not of the single man alone but of man in relationship to a community.'
  11. 'The tree felling, it is sad to note, is not confined to forestlands alone.'
  12. 'There are some cars whose names alone present a serious obstacle to the potential buyer.'
  13. 'He sacked six of these in the a single season alone and appointed no fewer than 23 in his 16 years as club president.'
  14. 'The limestone bath alone costs £10,000 and is cast from a single piece of stone shipped from Turkey.'
  15. 'Variability is increased in a wider region of the chromosome than expected for a single locus alone.'
  16. 'Don't expect cleaning solutions alone to remove large particles of hardened mortar.'
  17. 'These might seem sufficient reason alone for joining the single currency.'
  18. 'For this single reason alone it is a most welcome addition to Indian film literature.'
  19. 'Gone are the days of single sales alone getting bands to the much coveted number one position.'
  20. 'The second concerns exchange value alone; in particular, the question of how it is possible for a capitalist to make a profit.'
  21. 'But that alone is not particularly edifying and so I do want to go into a little more detail.'

More definitions

1. separate, apart, or isolated from others: I want to be alone.

2. to the exclusion of all others or all else: One cannot live by bread alone.

3. unique; unequaled; unexcelled: He is alone among his peers in devotion to duty. adverb

4. solitarily; solely: She prefers to live alone.

5. only; exclusively.

6. without aid or help: The baby let go of the side of the crib and stood alone. Idioms

7. leave alone, to allow (someone) to be by himself o

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be alone in things."

"people can be alone with people."

"people can be alone in houses."

"places can be alone in things."

"people can be alone in rooms."

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Middle English: from all + one.


go it alone
leave someone/something alone