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Powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating; seductive.
  1. 'They strike poses, flash winning smiles and try to make themselves look as alluring as possible.'
  2. 'I'm looking forward to getting a real taste of this incredibly alluring lifestyle.'
  3. 'The petals felt as satiny as my aunt's wedding gown, and smelled as alluring as her perfume.'
  4. 'The census report and the Great Exhibition of 1851 offered the alluring prospect that Britain would become rich.'
  5. 'Jane smiled at him with a newly found boldness that he found very alluring.'
  6. 'Madeline had chosen a tasteful yet alluring little black dress for Elizabeth to wear.'
  7. 'She had to remember that he was as dangerous as he was alluring.'


1. very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive.

2. fascinating; charming.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be alluring."

"markets can be alluring."

"links can be alluring."

"companies can be alluring."

"versions can be alluring."

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