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Vitally important; crucial.
  1. 'So long as the horse was all-important in war, the upper classes were all-important, because they could ride.'
  2. 'He flew back to Mumbai on time to be with Suzanne on their all-important day.'
  3. 'Why, without these all-important ingredients there was no romance, she insisted.'
  4. 'In many ways, such figures were all-important in helping to shape the New Left.'
  5. 'Most of the tips are useful, such as how to maximise networking potential and where to find those all-important contacts.'
  6. 'In addition, the all-important transitions between scenes were often too slow as well.'
  7. 'Of course, the all-important marketing skill was tellingly lacking in Murthy.'
  8. 'Do, however, stay on the phone for a few seconds after the all-important beep, and sigh audibly into the receiver.'
  9. 'Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.'
  10. 'That ideologues can pump up small things and make them seem all-important is very old news.'



1. extremely or vitally important; essential.

More examples(as adjective)

"colours can be all-important to people."

"alcohols can be all-important to tastes."

"reports can be all-important."

"markets can be all-important."

"traffics can be all-important."

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