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Relating to nourishment or sustenance.
  1. 'Similarly, at the upper end of the alimentary tract, rigid instruments were used for the examination of the oesophagus and for the stomach.'
  2. 'Serositis was always accompanied by moderate-to-severe infection of the alimentary tract, and morphologic evidence suggested dissemination through efferent lymphatics.'
  3. 'Though these organisms may also be found as normal flora of alimentary tract, data supporting this contention are lacking.'
  4. 'You may be sure that, given David's recent alimentary travails, I shall be examining whatever he gives me next with especial care.'
  5. 'Total parenteral nutrition is a preparation of nutrients given via intravenous infusion to patients, of any age, who cannot feed normally through the alimentary tract.'
  6. 'Their work is so thorough that in the areas in which they live almost all the soil to a depth of many centimetres has passed through the alimentary tract of an earthworm at some time.'
  7. 'The main sections include basic tissues and cell biology, protective organ systems of the body, blood circulatory organ systems, alimentary organ systems, endocrine organ systems, and reproductive organ systems.'
  8. 'Indeed, the visitors enact the alimentary behavior of the oasis dwellers, but in so doing, they experience their own civilized difference from and advantage over the ‘natives.’'
  9. 'Mammalian examples are the intertwining of the alimentary and digestive systems or the reproductive and excretory systems, which often require medical intervention.'
  10. 'They are based on the idea that enzymes are able to pass through alimentary tract without losing their natural activity.'


1. concerned with the function of nutrition; nutritive.

2. pertaining to food.

3. providing sustenance or maintenance.

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"tracts can be alimentary."

"canals can be alimentary."

"systems can be alimentary."

"prevalences can be alimentary."

"orgies can be alimentary."

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Late 16th century: from Latin alimentarius, from alimentum ‘nourishment’ (see aliment).