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In a worrying or disturbing way.
  1. 'I refer to a karaoke bar alarmingly heard by all neighbors within a mile of its wretched source.'
  2. 'The piccolo chirped alarmingly.'
  3. 'It will spit alarmingly, so make sure that your arm is well covered.'
  4. 'They dance to "Disco Inferno," causing the floor to bounce alarmingly.'
  5. 'Holding onto the railing tightly, and feeling my heart flutter alarmingly at the unwavering look in his eyes, I stared back.'
  6. 'during the early 19th century levels of crime rose alarmingly'
  7. 'He was a remarkable American poet and writer whose alarmingly chaotic personal life impacted decisively on his work.'
  8. 'It's a race against time to stabilize their government before public support, which is alarmingly eroding, starts to hemorrhage away altogether.'
  9. 'The only way to get there is by an old bus, along the alarmingly narrow roads that cling to the sides of the mountains.'
  10. 'Despite the assumed excellence of its educational system, the country has an alarmingly high rate of functional illiteracy.'
  11. 'The friend is meant to provide a contrast with the ways of a city slicker, though some of his scenes come alarmingly close to condescension.'
Used to express concern over an event or state of affairs.
  1. 'Alarmingly, a number of jurors made reference specifically to the term "beyond reasonable doubt," which they found "confusing."'
  2. 'Most alarmingly, his wife is contemplating marriage with the family accountant.'
  3. 'Alarmingly but not surprisingly, over 80 percent of recent women veterans report experiencing sexual harassment by other military personnel.'
  4. 'Alarmingly, there are plenty of forces in place, ready to take advantage.'
  5. 'A trial of a niacin-and-statin combination had to be stopped because the cardiovascular effects were, alarmingly, going in the other direction.'

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1. causing alarm or fear: an alarming case of pneumonia; an alarming lack of respect.

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"exactings can be alarmingly."