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Of similar character.
  1. 'genius and madness are akin'
  2. 'Winstone proclaims his love for West Ham as he tops up his tan by a Spanish pool, looking something akin to an orange Smart car.'
  3. 'The limestone pavement gives the island a character akin to the Burren with a similar flora.'
  4. 'There are areas of every American city that you steer clear of or hurry through because they are more akin to third than first world.'
  5. 'That's the way he characterised your approach and he said that was akin to blackmail.'
  6. 'Salvaging good news from such a disaster may be akin to pulling a shopping trolley out of a canal - what exactly do you gain?'
  7. 'The effect is somewhat akin to accelerating through various 20th century musical schools.'
  8. 'With 12 independently administered areas, the city is more akin to a series of linked villages.'
  9. 'But within the Labour tribe, it is akin to smashing a sacred tablet of stone.'
  10. 'This gives it a unique character, more akin to a board game such as chess than to a normal card game.'
  11. 'Since the collapse of Enron in January 2002, maintenance has become more akin to life support.'


1. of kin; related by blood (usually used predicatively): cousins who were too closely akin for marriage.

2. allied by nature; having the same properties: Something akin to vertigo was troubling her.

3. having or showing an affinity; kindred: They are emotionally but not intellectually akin.

More examples(as adjective)

"restorations can be akin for corpses."

"effects can be akin in places."

"places can be akin to chats."

"people can be akin to things."

"effects can be akin to people."

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Mid 16th century: contracted form of of kin.