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(of a door or other opening) slightly open.
  1. 'the door to the sitting room was ajar'
  2. 'At the eleventh hour the door was left slightly ajar once more.'
  3. 'He could see a slit of light coming from the slightly ajar door.'
  4. 'She eased up to a door that was slightly ajar and peeked inside the room to view about six or seven men sitting at a round wooden table, discussing something.'
  5. 'The one window was open and the door stood slightly ajar, yet she did not get the impression that the house was abandoned.'
  6. 'The door was slightly ajar, allowing her to slip in quietly.'
  7. 'Hurrying over to 818, she was not very surprised to find the door slightly ajar.'
  8. 'Both girls started and turned towards the direction of the new voice - behind them and to the right, through a slightly ajar door.'
  9. 'I was in a hospital and I saw that my door was open slightly ajar.'
  10. 'This other world is dreamlike, dark and sensual; time stands eerily still, doors are slightly ajar with nothing but blackness behind them.'
  11. 'Pressing a hand over his mouth, he stifled the wretch he could not keep down, pushing out a hand in front of him to wave the door which was already slightly ajar open.'


In a jarring state; unharmonious.
  1. 'My temper was so thoroughly ajar.'
  2. 'We, as human beings, tend to dismiss something as soon as one small piece seems AJAR!!!'


1. neither entirely open nor entirely shut; partly open: The door was ajar.

More examples(as adjective)

"doors can be ajar with prayers."

"doors can be ajar to exports."

"doors can be ajar for moments."

"doors can be ajar for cuts."

"doors can be ajar for airs."

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(ajar)Mid 19th century: from a- ‘in, at’ + jar.