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Skill in flying an aircraft.
  1. 'The superior knowledge, skill, airmanship, and timely actions demonstrated by Lt Col Vanderburgh and Capt Wickering resulted in the safe recovery of two irreplaceable crewmembers and a valuable national asset.'
  2. 'If you come away with a glimpse of the goal for better airmanship, Davisson feels like he's done his job.'
  3. 'The quick thinking, outstanding airmanship, exceptional flying skills, and efficient use of crew resources directly contributed to the safe recovery of the aircraft.'
  4. 'Realizing that the engine might quit at any point now, he displayed outstanding airmanship by bleeding off excess energy and lowering the landing gear on short final.'
  5. 'Despite darkness and adverse weather conditions, his systems knowledge, airmanship, and skill allowed him to safely recover an aircraft with compound emergencies.'
  6. 'The combination of a complex environment, coupled with different communications and Air Traffic Control procedures, helped to reinforce airmanship skills.'
  7. 'In a brilliant display of airmanship, the pilot managed to land the aircraft safely on an open space below the mountain.'
  8. 'Studying for his student pilot licence, he got his first lessons in meteorology, navigation, and airmanship.'
  9. 'The addition of 50 hours of airmanship studies and physical education during the academic year effectively levied on cadets no fewer than 180 semester hours of academic, military, and athletic programs.'
  10. 'Now that you've earned your certificate, how can you find the motivation to keep improving your airmanship?'

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1. the knowledge and ability needed to control and navigate an aircraft.

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"skills can be airmanship."