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An act of dropping supplies, troops, or equipment by parachute from an aircraft.
  1. mass noun 'supply to the front line will be by airdrop'
  2. 'With heavy equipment airdrops, the user is responsible for rigging the loads, a labor-intensive process requiring specialized materials.'
  3. 'First, the French relied much more on aerial resupply of outlying garrisons and small detachments, using airdrops and light bombers as transports, which landed at small forward airfields.'
  4. 'The simulated airdrops allowed the crews to train with station-keeping equipment, used in adverse weather, while using the new procedures for flying in tactical formation.'
  5. 'This directorate also certifies aircraft for the airdrop of personnel and equipment.'
  6. 'In the past, the 421st helped with humanitarian airdrops in Bosnia.'
  7. 'Do airdrops from low to high altitudes at night and under adverse conditions.'
  8. 'Included are statistical data on actual versus planned airdrops and issues associated with the aircraft loading, launch, and recovery process.'
  9. 'These products were disseminated by hand and by airdrops from US Hercules.'
  10. 'It proved impossible to create a firm, unified command for the aircraft fleet, which was due to perform the airdrop and provide air cover for the brigades.'
  11. 'It continued until 16 July, with pilots making numerous airdrops to French troops in Laos.'


Drop (supplies, troops, etc.) by parachute.
  1. 'It was a jeep that the British originally designed to be airdropped.'
  2. 'One recipient was Jan De Vries, who was airdropped into Normandy before dawn on D-Day with the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.'
  3. 'Helicopters and transport aircraft have been used to airdrop food supplies to areas not easily reached by land.'
  4. 'These planes airdrop cargo to 45-foot-long ‘cigarette boats’ in the transit zone.'
  5. 'The only food or water made available to the prisoners was airdropped three times a week, and there was never enough to go around.'
  6. 'Four persons lost their lives in flash floods in this district today even as the district administration took the help of the Army authorities to airdrop supplies to around 25 villages which have been submerged.'
  7. 'You have a number of small infantry robots, which you airdrop on an area.'
  8. 'Millions of leaflets were airdropped along with tons of humanitarian rations.'
  9. 'As a result, India plans to airdrop food items in the capital under a contingency plan, the English-language Himalayan Times reported Sunday.'
  10. 'The unit had been stealthily airdropped at the Mediterranean beach, and had spent four hours making their way inland along the Tiber River to the city.'

More definitions

1. to drop (persons, equipment, etc.) by parachute from an aircraft in flight. noun

2. the act or process of airdropping.

More examples(as adjective)

"foods can be airdropped to villages."

"blankets can be airdropped to villages."

"foods can be airdropped."

"blankets can be airdropped."