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An artist's device for spraying paint by means of compressed air.
  1. 'The dots are produced by bursts from an airbrush.'
  2. 'The other innovation was to use a spray instead of brush for painting, rather different from using an airbrush, he says.'
  3. 'And makeup artists are already experimenting with airbrushes, misting their clients' faces with thin glazes that don't look too pancakey.'
  4. 'After politics I can go home and have a look at some compressors for my airbrush.'
  5. 'Visually retreating to an indeterminate distance are soft-focus spots or clouds of unbroken color clunkily applied with an airbrush.'
  6. 'Using airbrush, spray paint, glitter and acrylic, she depicts subjects ranging from a military operation in Iraq to a piece of Chinese porcelain, in a kind of fuzzy, watercolorish manner.'
  7. 'Next, ‘age’ the inscription using an airbrush filled with quartz powder, before creating its ‘ancient’ patina by grinding stone into a watery paste.'
  8. 'These pens feature a unique mouthpiece, which when blown into, sprays ink in the same manner as an airbrush.'
  9. 'A ten to 15-minute session, using an airbrush to spray the substance on the skin, causes the tan to develop over the next 24 hours and it lasts between five and ten days.'
  10. 'We basically sprayed acrylic paint around their eyes with an airbrush and painted the eyes.'


Paint with an airbrush.
  1. 'Then they spray me down, they airbrush the rest of me with blue makeup.'
  2. 'The clouds shone like they were airbrushed gold, while the sky around them was a mix of dark blue and a golden magenta.'
  3. 'To create a uniform appearance for photography, the material was blackened either with black impermanent ink airbrushed onto the actual fossils, or by using lampblack or other dry colored powder dusted onto the silicone rubber cast.'
  4. 'In some spots, these self-consciously gestural strokes have been airbrushed blue.'
  5. 'Each field is built up of gesso, each layer sanded to a flawless finish, the last one airbrushed smoother than any shell.'
  6. 'The ship's machine shop was occupied alternately by everyone airbrushing the paint onto their armor for the next six hours.'
  7. 'While walking with Raymond, an inmate suggested airbrushing a giant mural of Jesus on the side of the prison.'
  8. 'This particular 1987 Porsche 924 had a tiger-woman airbrushed onto the side of it.'
  9. 'a picture of a man with wings airbrushed on to his shoulders'
  10. 'Which is fine by me, but don't believe the airbrushed photos or footage from 20 years ago of her.'
  11. 'In fact, she airbrushed half of that pimple away so you can still see a little bit of it.'
  12. 'In terms of photography and airbrushing, this ad is excellent.'
  13. 'Can we airbrush out that newspaper tacked onto the skirting boards, please?'
  14. 'The cover photo showed Michael in closeup, his eyes airbrushed blue.'
  15. 'Being photographed for magazines myself, I know that they airbrush you and they make you look much better than you do in real life.'
  16. 'First, take a look at Darren's blog to see his work on airbrushing my family photos.'
  17. 'Photography studios that specialize in school photos are now offering airbrushing and retouching services to interested students.'
  18. 'Her photo had been so airbrushed, with two ribs removed and legs lengthened, she didn't recognise herself.'
  19. 'That's because, these days, almost every photo is digitally enhanced - or airbrushed - to make the model appear flawless.'
  20. 'A nation where the unpleasant aspects of human existence are simply airbrushed away.'
  21. 'But since governments also occasionally do the same, likewise claiming to act with the sanction of the people, both parties are united sooner or later in the resolve to airbrush such realities out of the record.'
  22. 'In airbrushing the brutality of slavery, we make it possible to ignore the tremendous power that race had - and continues to have - in shaping this society.'
  23. 'In fact it was quite cheering in many ways, that the past isn't just airbrushed away.'
  24. 'Reality is airbrushed and we're given promises of fabulous, mythical oases of futurity.'
  25. 'Her voice might be sweet like chocolate but she's more concerned with the bruising reality of real-life relationships than the airbrushed fantasy-land favoured by your usual hooting divas.'
  26. 'Herzog subtly chronicles this mighty, pathos-laden struggle, treating it with the seriousness it deserves without airbrushing its blind moments or gestures of excess.'

More definitions

1. an atomizer for spraying paint. verb (used with object)

2. to paint or decorate, using an airbrush: to airbrush murals; to airbrush silk kimonos.

3. to remove or alter by or as by means of an airbrush: to airbrush facial lines from a photograph.

4. to prettify or sanitize: airbrushed versions of modern history.

More examples(as adjective)

"outs can be airbrushed."

"finishes can be airbrushed."