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An assistant to an important person, especially a political leader.
  1. 'The nurses, anesthesiologists, medical technicians and aides who assist the surgeon are paid.'
  2. 'He sat down and an aide attached a microphone to his jacket.'
  3. 'As for the pace of this preparation, the aides are saying the president is comfortable with him.'
  4. 'The prime minister now has relatively young and inexperienced aides in his political office.'
  5. 'It's also why he and his aides joke that the press is his political base.'
  6. 'Top aides to President George Bush arranged a statement on the airport tarmac in Toledo, Ohio.'
  7. 'His aides had cut him off from the political infighting that his illness has triggered at home.'
  8. 'The Prime Minister's closest aides are confident that their political master can ride out the latest storm.'
  9. 'Parry was due to serve breakfast to President Bush's top aides this morning, the newspaper said.'
  10. 'Kerry's aides have said they do not believe the timing was politically motivated.'
  11. 'When the war began he had been a captain of artillery and a general's aide.'
  12. 'An aide to generals during World War II, he learned to command by watching them in action.'
  13. 'But in recent weeks aides to the general have said he is not bound by the agreement.'
  14. 'The aide gave a vague idea of the pickup point - the military side of the airfield.'
  15. 'An aide later found it crumpled in the general's shirt pocket.'

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1. nurse's aide.

2. an aide-de-camp.

3. an assistant or helper, especially a confidential one.

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"leaders can be aide."