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Help, typically of a practical nature.
  1. 'she walked with the aid of a Zimmer frame'
  2. 'A prolific burglar who targeted vulnerable pensioners has been jailed for a second time after stealing from a ‘Good Samaritan’ who came to his aid.'
  3. 'Fortunately two local men came to their aid and Mrs Christie and her mother were pulled to safety before the next waves hit the shoreline.'
  4. 'About 25 farmers from the district then went to their aid.'
  5. 'It is likely the victim was the only person in the carriage because no-one came to his aid or offered him help when the attack was over.'
  6. 'Passers-by came to his aid and he was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where his condition was described as ‘serious but stable’.'
  7. 'A passing patrol of some 25 troops from the Afghan National Army came to their aid.'
  8. 'Two passers-by came to his aid and helped to find the cause of his injury.'
  9. 'The Hacketstown community quickly came to their aid by establishing an enthusiastic committee who have come up with many novel ideas to help raise funds.'
  10. 'In many ways it reminded me of how Irish people responded to the great tragedy of famine in my own country of Ethiopia 20 years ago when so many of you came to our aid at a time of such need and difficulty.'
  11. 'Ms Kennedy said the service provided emotional and practical support with the aid of a team of trained volunteers fluent in many languages.'
  12. as modifier 'an aid agency'
  13. 'To propose that the government of a third world country is not acting fast enough to send aid to certain areas is incredibly unfair.'
  14. 'It specializes in bringing food and other material aid to war-torn areas.'
  15. 'Eventually, they turned to their church and asked for some financial aid to buy food and basics and got it.'
  16. 'He said the World Food Programme was the only organisation supplying food aid to the area and that the community was willing to work with any other organisation.'
  17. 'A meaningful targeted scheme of financial aid to purchase concentrate feed is needed to avoid disaster over the coming winter and spring months, it has been claimed.'
  18. 'In 1998, the Government provided significant financial aid to farmers.'
  19. 'The program guarantees financial aid to low-income students who earn a ‘C’ average or above.'
  20. 'It's a difficult environment at the best of times, but with roads cut, delivering aid to needy areas is proving to be a challenge.'
  21. 'The federal government should be leading and offering financial aid to the provinces for the purpose of qualifying the skilled people who are already in our midst.'
  22. 'The Government must consider giving financial aid to rural traditional medicine centres which have been operating in the State since time immemorial.'
  23. 'a teaching aid'
  24. 'Residual low vision may be assisted with low vision aids and low vision training in activities of daily living.'
  25. 'Tools and training aids are available to assist your unit to train safety and succeed on the battlefield.'
  26. 'Today, it seems, the people of Terence Bay have won back the right to visit their local lighthouse, which the Coast Guard still maintains as an active aid to navigation.'
  27. 'This is clearly not an exercise for the short term while there is so much to do but by keeping donors engaged with the affected communities for longer, it could be a powerful aid to longer term reconstruction.'
  28. 'The underlining served as a memory aid to help students identify and retrieve the essential elements in the problem.'
  29. 'Providing navigational aids to assist users in finding information in hypertext systems has been an ongoing research problem for well over a decade.'
  30. 'All the photographic technique is purely an aid to help the photographer get the image you want to show.'
  31. 'Baboo believes that research on retention will prove an effective aid to help colleges and universities do a better job with their minority students.'
  32. 'The top-of-the-range model has been given sports suspension and equipped with all the electronic aids to assist the wayward driver.'
  33. 'He achieved his circumnavigation without any electronic navigation aids or the assistance of modern satellite communication technology.'
A grant of subsidy or tax to a king or queen.
  1. 'All that he had originally designed to spend on Malta, he would give as an aid to the queen, so that she might prevail over her rebels.'
  2. 'An Act for granting a Royal Aid to the King's Majesty, of Twenty-four Hundred Threescore and Seventeen Thousand and Five Hundred Pounds, to be raised, levied, and paid, in the Space of Three Years.'


Help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.
  1. no object 'research was conducted to aid in making decisions'
  2. 'This they easily achieved as they were aided by popular support.'
  3. 'Since she's aiding Andrew to stand, she can't reach out for her cigarette case.'
  4. 'Guess, I was aided a bit by by lady luck too as it looks reasonably the same through all the mentioned browsers.'
  5. 'Mr Duckworth also revealed that his group would act as a support organisation to aid survivors of any future accident.'
  6. '‘Most services offering support to aid recovery are focused on the needs of women and their children,’ she admits.'
  7. 'May you and your husband have luck quitting smoking; make use of the myriad of support networks available to aid you in the battle to quit.'
  8. 'A help page is all set up to aid you in determining whether your phone is web-enabled - an option you may have never even considered using before.'
  9. 'Pulling himself back up to his feet, Seraphine groaned as he held out a hand to Erian, aiding him in standing as well.'
  10. 'For her, it put a value on her own expertise and aided her in positioning her brand in the market.'
  11. 'The three leads are all very good, and a fine supporting cast aids them.'
  12. 'Healthy teeth mean that the child is able to eat a healthy diet, and aid the growth of the jaw.'
  13. 'This is an exercise that has aided many athletes in crucial situations in other sports.'
  14. 'Kate Morgan, Pembrokeshire County Council's food officer, says a healthy breakfast can aid concentration and mental performance, and provide energy.'
  15. 'Mr Naughton said the facilities to aid independent living in the Dublin region were fairly good but across the rest of the country they were poor.'
  16. 'A physiotherapist will oversee and monitor all progress and explain knee exercises that will aid recovery.'
  17. 'Finding effective ways to relax, such as devoting time for relaxation, taking yoga classes or fitting in gentle exercise, may aid the chances of conception.'
  18. 'A tailored exercise prescription, determined by exercise testing, can aid blood pressure reduction.'
  19. 'Adding the right types of fats - healthy fats - to your diet can not only aid your fat loss but also help you put on muscle mass.'
  20. 'A cut-and-paste exercise can greatly aid the student with memory work.'
  21. 'Again, the media bears moral responsibility for promoting discussion that aids justice.'

Artificial insemination by donor.

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    1. to provide support for or relief to; help: to aid the homeless victims of the fire.

    2. to promote the progress or accomplishment of; facilitate. verb (used without object)

    3. to give help or assistance. noun

    4. help or support; assistance.

    5. a person or thing that aids or furnishes assistance; helper; auxiliary.

    6. aids, Manège. Also called natural aids. the means by which a rider communicates with and controls a horse, as the hands, legs, voice, and

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    "people can be aid by efforts."

    "agencies can be aid."

    "organisations can be aid."

    "profits can be aid."

    "outs can be aid."

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    Late Middle English: from Old French aide (noun), aidier (verb), based on Latin adjuvare, from ad- ‘towards’ + juvare ‘to help’.


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