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(in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets.
  1. 'Already video conferencing, e-commerce, and video entertainment are migrating to cyberspace, leaving behind the agoras, bazaars, and amphitheatres of the past.'
  2. 'In Pausanias's time the forum was certainly to the south and below Temple Hill, but the location of the agora of Greek Corinth is uncertain.'
  3. 'And while I agree that a more public social ecology is emerging, it is a public like the Greek agora, a forum for only some members of society…'
  4. 'Timoleon resigned his office, allegedly because of blindness, died in the mid-to late 330s, and was buried in the Syracusan agora.'
  5. 'By the end of the fourth century B.C., the city had, right in the middle of the agora, a big public clock that divided every stretch of daylight into twelve hours.'
  6. 'It's our definition of the agora (market in Ancient Rome), if you will.'
  7. 'With time, the agora or marketplace began to appear within the polis.'
  8. 'A fundamental question is how to prepare this ‘fearless speaker’ to participate in the agora or contemporary public space.'
  9. 'For him this market, or agora, is not the center of our city but the city itself, the place where we live.'
  10. 'To forestall a democratic counter-attack, the oligarchs set fire to the buildings around the agora, causing massive loss of property and risking a general conflagration.'


A monetary unit of Israel, equal to one hundredth of a shekel.
  1. 'For many people, the very essence of Israeliness is expressed in the visual icons that came into being in the early decades of the state - from the scallop-edged agora coin and the bedroom slippers that went everywhere to the cottage cheese container that can still be found in almost every refrigerator in the country.'
  2. 'I tried to push it in with another 10-agora coin, and on the small screen of the meter the word "Fail" appeared.'

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1. a popular political assembly.

2. the place where such an assembly met, originally a marketplace or public square.

3. the Agora, the chief marketplace of Athens, center of the city's civic life.

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"followings can be agorot."


(agora)From Hebrew 'ăg̱ōrāh ‘small coin’.