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  1. 'The darkened rooms on the south and west side are all aglow with moon shine.'
  2. 'The aesthetically perfect world of Los Nubes is perpetually aglow with the warm light of an autumn sunset, or dramatic moonlight.'
  3. 'The crystal ball is green and aglow with sparkling, erm, bits.'
  4. 'Then Ruby's smile set the screen aglow as the Chief of Police handed her a shiny plaque.'
  5. 'He didn't say anything, and he was peering at me inscrutably through the darkness when I looked at him again, his eyes aglow in the porch light.'
  6. 'Sara stood there dressed in dusty rose and ivory, mahogany-brown hair aglow in the light of the sun as she stared behind him to the easel.'
  7. 'Whatever it was, another one stepped into the clearing, which was by now aglow with the light of both ethereal beings.'
  8. 'I also see the stadium lights aglow in the distance… I wonder is what going on down there this evening?'
  9. 'When they walked out into the cold night, she turned to him and her face was aglow with the golden fluorescence of streetlights.'
  10. 'As a result of the dusty conditions the flare set the entire night sky aglow in a wash of brilliant red which faded gradually to orange, then to black.'


1. glowing: a house aglow with lights; a face aglow with happiness.

More examples(as adjective)

"skies can be aglow with throeses."

"skies can be aglow with shades."

"retailers can be aglow over paces."

"records can be aglow with vibeses."

"houses can be aglow with colours."

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