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A person who acts on behalf of another person or group.
  1. 'For example, agents must not use their position to acquire benefits for themselves at the expense of their principals.'
  2. 'This has been confirmed to me by the legal agent acting on my behalf.'
  3. 'The mining company will host an international meeting for all agents involved in the handling and transportation of its copper and cobalt up to the final destination.'
  4. 'Most of our goods, even those coming from South Africa, are sourced through local agents.'
  5. 'Clients of this firm should not panic as we have appointed an agent to look after their interests.'
  6. 'his agent was able to negotiate a long-term contract'
  7. 'Not that Everett is exactly hassling his agent for alpha male roles.'
  8. 'I sent out 20 or 30 copies of the first three chapters to agents and I had six agents who wanted to represent me.'
  9. 'Actors, agents and managers go home happy with a tasty 10-15% of their clients' payday.'
  10. 'Before long, I established a relationship with him that was part publicist, part business agent, and part supplier.'
  11. 'Young women writers (and their agents and their editors) are making money and gaining power.'
  12. 'So then I get bombarded with 18 million resumes and 8x10s, and I'm being chased down the street by agents and actors, and so I get on a boat and sail out to sea.'
  13. 'By that time, I was in the sort of semi-media business as an agent handling writers.'
  14. 'The role of the publisher could change markedly and perhaps be collapsed into that of the writers and their business managers and agents.'
  15. 'I was rehearsing for a small part in Chicago, though my agent felt a understudy role in Alabama was more likely.'
  16. 'I'm sure that most customers would prefer to have a service agent much closer to office or home, and not need to have the added customer service of a courtesy car.'
  17. 'Lots of people give advice - lenders, real-estate agents, brokers.'
  18. 'In BVI, the Bahamas, Niue, and the Seychelles, the parent company acts solely as a company formation agent and provides related services.'
  19. 'Some mobile service agents will also provide you with a replacement mobile phone while yours is being repaired.'
  20. 'Moreover, a company will need to make sure that it's getting the right level of service from a third party serving as the outsourcing agent for many different organizations.'
  21. 'There will also be private shows, which involve one or two agents and developers running their own exhibition in a hotel.'
  22. 'Called EstateCraft it offers a complete business solution for residential and commercial estate agents, letting and business transfer agents.'
  23. 'The new system will improve service for agents and distributors and provide a platform to enhance sales-force effectiveness.'
  24. 'One official claimed that intelligence agents had recovered a ‘treasure trove’ of documents during the Pakistan raid.'
  25. 'The Interior Ministry will also command a domestic intelligence network made up largely of secret police and intelligence agents from the ousted government.'
  26. 'But without the information from FBI intelligence agents, his grand jury didn't have enough evidence to return indictments.'
  27. 'Virginia Hall served as an intelligence agent during World War II.'
  28. 'CI agent training focuses on methods to detect and counter enemy intelligence efforts and to conduct investigations.'
  29. 'The planes land many times at Camp Peary in Virginia, known as ‘The Farm,’ where CIA agents are trained in espionage.'
  30. 'This investigation, like others, will be conducted by FBI agents and Justice Department officials.'
  31. 'Intelligence gathered by human agents was vital to attaining the first goal.'
  32. 'And in an exclusive behind the scenes look at undercover agents fighting a secret war in this country.'
  33. 'It ruled that from then on, every last communication between intelligence agents and law-enforcement officials required its approval.'
A person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.
  1. 'She was an agent of chaos, and she was also a genius.'
  2. 'In addition, our study contributes to a greater understanding of newly appointed CEOs in their roles as change agents.'
  3. 'The bottom line is that the state will continue to evolve from the traditional welfare role towards an agent of modernisation and structural reform.'
  4. 'Its new promotional campaign positions the company as an agent in the war against inequality.'
  5. 'That's what separates the successful agents of musical change from the failures: respect for and knowledge of the past.'
  6. 'the bleaching agent used is hydrogen peroxide'
  7. 'Elderly patients should not be treated with tertiary amines because of the greater anticholinergic effects of these agents.'
  8. 'For patients with acid reflux, bulimia, or alcoholism, antacids or acid-reducing agents may be given to help reduce tooth erosion.'
  9. 'Bleaching agents can be applied that will give the decking a silvered weathered look.'
  10. 'Some immunotherapy agents have serious side effects that can cause breathing difficulties and heart failure.'
  11. 'We need a term for this phenomenon, in which the agent is changed to avoid using an imperative.'
  12. 'In such cases, the -or is generally interpreted as an agent suffix like the vernacular -er: author is as invariable in its spelling as writer.'
  13. 'Once verified, the proxy agent completes the connection to the protected network element on behalf of the source of the incoming request.'
  14. 'But it always lacked focus, initially positioning itself as a intelligent agent software and handheld operating system developer.'
  15. 'Software agents are programs that cooperate with each other in unpredictable environments without human intervention.'

More definitions

1. a person or business authorized to act on another's behalf: Our agent in Hong Kong will ship the merchandise. A best-selling author needs a good agent.

2. a person or thing that acts or has the power to act.

3. a natural force or object producing or used for obtaining specific results: Many insects are agents of fertilization.

4. an active cause; an efficient cause.

5. a person who works for or manages an agency.

6. a person who acts in an official capacity for a government

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"duties can be agent."


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘someone or something that produces an effect’): from Latin agent- ‘doing’, from agere.