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Having lived for a specified length of time; of a specified age.
  1. 'he died aged 60'
  2. 'A divorced mother of two teenage sons, aged 44, she lives in Belsize Park, having grown up in north London.'
  3. 'It does, however, stand up nicely despite its aged subject matter.'
  4. 'She was given six to 12 months to live - but now aged 35 she is fit and healthy and keen to tell other women to be aware.'
  5. 'At Jorvik, spooky characters from the Viking past will greet children aged between five and 11 during a special Hallowe'en tour.'
  6. 'The sum of £109.45 is the ‘poverty line’ for pensioners, so how can someone aged 59 live on barely half as much?'
  7. 'This amazes me because when I was living in Edinburgh, aged 19, between college and university, I worked in a cafe for £2 an hour.'
  8. 'The essential repair grant scheme is for those aged 65 or over living in uninhabitable conditions.'
  9. 'She was aged 80 and had lived for many years across the Irish Sea.'
  10. 'The number of people living in the city aged 60 or above has dropped by more than 2,000 in two years at a time when Britain's grey population is booming.'
  11. 'Now aged 80 and living in Britain, he is making amends by giving today's young people a fascinating glimpse of life behind enemy lines.'
  12. 'The pair took on the spring show season and made the finals at several aged events until Ascencion began riding the horse following the Super Stakes.'
  13. 'The Kilbracken family home was damp and dilapidated and the estate neglected, its sole stock consisting of one aged cow.'
  14. 'Some horsemen refer to an aged horse as a ‘smooth mouth’ horse, regardless of the status of its teeth.'
Having lived or existed for a long time; very old.
  1. 'The move to Askham Grange, at Askham Richard, means her aged parents, who live near the Yorkshire coast, will now find it easier to visit her.'
  2. 'From the beginning of the film, June's age and her aged appearance are the central issue of the film.'
  3. 'The effect of smoking cigarettes on the microvasculature of the face contributes to an aged appearance.'
  4. 'The home is a ‘Nischinta Nilayam’, a home for the aged to live in peace without any worries.'
  5. 'A subtle meditation on mortality, it contrasts the ephemeral beauty of a young girl absorbed in her posy of flowers with the aged horse who quietly contemplates the viewer.'
  6. 'There is no doubt that this is an ageing, but far from aged, team.'
  7. 'Thirdly, it was decided to replace existing aged computers with a new integrated computer system.'
  8. 'These results suggest that subchronic treatment with ginseng extract improves spatial cognitive impairment in aged rats.'
  9. 'The nail has been removed, and barring infection it is believed the aged man will live.'
  10. 'He claimed that his aged mother, who lived with him, ‘just kept topping it up’.'
Having been subjected to ageing.
  1. 'Directly above the bottom section Christenberry has purposely painted on newer metal to make it appear aged and worn.'
  2. 'Fashioned in the old-world style, this marble-infused cast-resin fountain has an aged moss finish.'
  3. 'These trends are reflected in new high-end mouldings that offer elegant, subtly aged finishes to complement interiors with a European feel.'
  4. 'The appearance of naturally aged wood captures the signatures of all of nature's own artists.'
  5. 'The result was a mix of old and new granite on the exterior of the existing building and an addition that created a consistently aged appearance.'
  6. 'These were given an aged appearance by dunking rice paper into a heavily diluted mixture of food dye and water.'
  7. 'Some of the paint will begin to diffuse and leave a cloudy, aged finish.'
  8. 'The chef appeared, bringing an aged rum from behind the bar (they lay rums down in the French Caribbean, much as they do with brandy in France).'


1. having lived or existed long; of advanced age; old: an aged man; an aged tree.

2. pertaining to or characteristic of old age: aged wrinkles.

3. of the age of: a man aged 40 years.

4. brought to maturity or mellowness, as wine, cheese, or wood: aged whiskey.

5. Physical Geography. old; approaching the state of peneplain. noun

6. (used with a plural verb) old people collectively (usually preceded by the): We must have improved medical care for the aged.

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