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Relating to income that remains after the deduction of taxes due.
  1. 'If an employee pays directly for medical care, the expenditure comes out of the employee's after-tax income.'
  2. 'Why pay your own doctor and insurance bills with after-tax income when your employer can do it with pre-tax dollars?'
  3. 'As a result, any rebate would be viewed, not as a permanent change in after-tax income, but as a temporary loan.'
  4. 'If you have saved up a deposit and budgeted for all the extra expenses when you move, tot up your existing monthly outgoings and deduct this figure from your after-tax income.'
  5. 'The average after-tax, after-inflation income is barely rising at all.'
  6. 'The goal of any firm is to maximize its after-tax income.'
  7. 'They encourage people to save as much as they can of their after-tax income and to invest it intelligently.'
  8. 'The problem here isn't so much housing as childcare, which consumes roughly half her after-tax income.'
  9. 'In the year to March 2005 the firm made an after-tax profit of £40m.'
  10. 'This year the company reported an after-tax profit of €6.5m for 2004.'


1. remaining after applicable taxes have been deducted: a sharp decrease in her aftertax income.

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"charges can be aftertax."

"profits can be aftertax."

"returns can be aftertax."

"proceedses can be aftertax."

"gains can be aftertax."

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