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At, near, or towards the stern of a ship or tail of an aircraft.
  1. as adjective 'the aft cargo compartment'
  2. 'The entire stern section of the wreck is tilted aft and to starboard.'
  3. 'Heading aft towards the stern, we found the mizzenmast collapsed, which was why it had not shown up on the sonar.'
  4. 'It is an unusual design of ship, a collier with engine-room aft and wheelhouse amidships.'
  5. 'When he went aft to add some oil to the engine, he slipped on spilled oil and fell overboard.'
  6. 'It was at that time that another depth charge exploded close to the aft starboard fin.'
  7. 'The vessel is dual decked and the aluminium deckhouse is fitted aft of midship.'
  8. 'The area of unknown damage aft near the bow on the starboard side was only a few metres past the housed anchor.'
  9. 'We all followed and went aft of the aircraft, away from anything that might injure or kill us.'
  10. 'All her aft compartments flooded, swiftly sending the boat to the muddy floor of the loch, 55 ft down.'
  11. 'Navigation can be particularly difficult on the aft part of the wreck.'

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1. at, close to, or toward the stern or tail: Stow the luggage aft. adjective

2. situated toward or at the stern or tail: The aft sail was luffing.

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"people can be aft."

"ends can be aft."

"sections can be aft."

"decks can be aft."

"cockpits can be aft."

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(aft)Early 17th century: probably from obsolete baft (see abaft), influenced by Low German and Dutch achter ‘abaft, after’.