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In a new or different way.
  1. 'Like so many of the other selections, this unfamiliar arrangement allows us to hear the timeless words and their meaning afresh.'
  2. 'Humour is a way of reframing events, of looking at them afresh.'
  3. 'I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and start afresh.'
  4. 'A new Convention was therefore elected, to begin the task afresh; but once more it was soon stalemated.'
  5. 'He would be 35 at the end of it and, even if anybody wanted to employ a man with such a tarnished reputation, he would be too old to start afresh.'
  6. 'A forgotten part of the city's commercial heart is stirring afresh thanks to the to the hard work and enthusiasm of local traders.'
  7. 'But when I hear them afresh, they never fail to amaze me by their brilliance.'
  8. 'In the light of that information, he looked at his findings afresh.'
  9. 'He also said that subsidies in power, agriculture and other sectors also needed to be looked at afresh.'
  10. 'They will erase all aspects of their former life and start afresh.'

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1. anew; once more; again: to start afresh.

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"works can be afresh."

"plans can be afresh."

"seasons can be afresh."

"funds can be afresh."

"foods can be afresh."

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