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In preparation or progress; happening or beginning to happen.
  1. 'something bizarre was afoot'
  2. 'At the present time, plans are afoot to develop the harbour area.'
  3. 'Preparations are afoot, measurements are made, ground is staked out.'
  4. 'There is even a plan afoot to offer half-year membership for half subs, in a membership drive to be held in the ground later this month.'
  5. 'Plans are also afoot to introduce a new green bin scheme, which collects compostable waste, including cardboard.'
  6. 'Plans are afoot to stage three soul nights over the next year.'
  7. 'Plans are afoot for a visual art research institute in currently vacant university buildings.'
  8. 'But plans are already afoot to ensure that the festival is revitalised next year.'
  9. 'The Christmas lights have just been erected and already plans are afoot to have an even better display next year.'
  10. 'Plans are afoot for an official celebration of the win, and the mayor said that they are already planning for next year.'
  11. 'Plans are now afoot for a small screen adaptation of the much-loved novel.'
On foot.
  1. 'He went afoot, both that he might arrange many matters, and by way of training them to bear a parting from him.'
  2. 'She went afoot all the way to our house. I founded her sleeping on the grass in the morning.'
  3. 'But to the younger generation, a winter holiday means action- and down through the 'Swamp hollow' and over the hill road they go, afoot or in sleighs, through the drifting snow, to a barn dance at the Centre.'


1. on foot; walking: I came afoot.

2. astir; in progress: There is mischief afoot.

More examples(as adjective)

"plans can be afoot for meetings."

"plans can be afoot for organizations."

"movements can be afoot in places."

"moves can be afoot in provinces."

"reforms can be afoot at companies."

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