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Any of a class of toxic compounds produced by certain moulds found in food, which can cause liver damage and cancer.
  1. 'Excessive absorption of the naturally-occurring aflatoxin can lead to liver damage in the long term, said Food and Environmental Hygiene Department officials.'
  2. 'The most potent human carcinogen known is the mycotoxin aflatoxin, and it is certainly not an artificial chemical.'

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1. any of various related mycotoxins produced by a species of Aspergillus, commonly A. flavus, found as a contaminant in moldy grains and meals, as in rice and peanut meal, and suspected of causing liver cancer in humans and other animals.

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"problems can be aflatoxin."

"levels can be aflatoxin."

"contaminations can be aflatoxin."

"spreads can be aflatoxin."

"researchers can be aflatoxin."

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1960s: from elements of the modern Latin taxonomic name Aspergillus flavus + toxin.