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Have enough money to pay for.
  1. with infinitive 'we could never have afforded to heat the place'
  2. 'I couldn't afford to pay €45 a week out of the money I get.'
  3. 'At first I couldn't afford to pay real models, but now I have about 15 pals who pose for me.'
  4. 'A member of the Law Society rose to speak about his tireless work to create some form of legal aid for those who couldn't afford to hire a lawyer to defend themselves.'
  5. 'If I lost my job, I couldn't afford to go to university, I couldn't afford to live in London and I'd have to stop being as active in my support of freedom.'
  6. 'A report said that poorer people couldn't afford healthy food and couldn't afford exercise. Can't the reporters conceive of exercise outside a gym?'
  7. 'They couldn't afford to buy enough wine for the whole party, so they didn't buy any at all.'
  8. 'Architect Stephen Atkinson wanted a built-in bookcase in his condo living room, but he couldn't afford the $3,000 price tag.'
  9. 'They took Catholic girls who weren't smart enough for Notre Dame High, or who couldn't afford the fees and uniform.'
  10. 'What can you afford to do now that you couldn't afford to do before?'
  11. 'Most of the students were young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who couldn't afford to go to school because they had to earn money for their families by working on the streets.'
  12. 'Most enterprises and home users can't afford the effort to secure all the systems individually.'
  13. 'I tried to wiggle my way out of it in every way I could: I couldn’t afford the time, I couldn’t afford to be away from my work, I had already been spending too much time away from home…and the list went on.'
  14. 'Checking it out took three hours we couldn't afford to spare.'
  15. 'Working on the grant was time consuming and we felt that we couldn’t afford the effort two years in a row.'
  16. 'If your resources are precious, then you cannot afford for there to be anything in the program that the programmer does not understand.'
  17. 'Often as homeschoolers, we might think we can't afford the time it takes to get enough sleep or take a walk everyday.'
  18. 'All of our family is busy with children and can't afford the time or the patience to temporarily move in with him.'
  19. 'The most common excuse I hear is "I can't afford the time to document poor performance. I have a business to run."'
  20. 'only aristocrats could afford to stoop to such practices'
  21. 'Standing at the heart of the village and next to the busy road, it was a risk the parish council could not afford to take.'
  22. 'But however remote or near these scenarios might be, we cannot afford to take the risk of not being prepared.'
  23. 'As I said, we feel we could not afford to take that level of risk.'
  24. 'No publishing house of our size had ever won the prize and we consequently couldn't afford to go in there with high expectations.'
  25. 'The company couldn't afford to risk doing anything radical to a car responsible for 60% of its sales.'
  26. 'Publishers could afford to take the risk and the small publishers still do.'
  27. 'He said: ‘I'd love to be able to bring in a ban but I just couldn't afford to.’'
  28. 'It is an unhappy book, and consequently I could not afford to submit to the temptation of the florid and extraneous.'
  29. 'It wasn't that she couldn't defeat them but that she couldn't afford to draw attention and risk losing her prey.'
  30. 'He hoped money would be able to settle the problem because he really couldn't afford to be expelled in his last year.'
Provide or supply (an opportunity or facility)
  1. with two objects 'they were afforded the luxury of bed and breakfast'
  2. 'I have a job that affords me the luxury of bringing my children with me to work.'
  3. 'A roof-top bar affords superb views, and there are several other more traditional drinking places.'
  4. 'But a day at the races affords the perfect opportunity to indulge in a frivolous piece of fun fashion.'
  5. 'There is a shaded area at the top of a hill nearby that affords a good view, is quiet and is very pleasant.'
  6. 'Such a break gives each a little holiday from the other and affords the chance to recharge their batteries to face the challenges ahead.'
  7. 'The club affords the opportunity to people of all ages, male and female, to take up this healthy sport.'
  8. 'Gardening affords these people the opportunity to use their creative skills.'
  9. 'We have also worked very hard at keeping our staff by affording them opportunities to progress through the ranks.'
  10. 'Fining over the top of the wrecks and around the hull affords a great opportunity to grasp the size of the ships.'
  11. 'It affords opportunities to solve problems and demonstrate the concern of the care team.'

More definitions

1. to be able to do, manage, or bear without serious consequence or adverse effect: The country can't afford another drought.

2. to be able to meet the expense of; have or be able to spare the price of: Can we afford a trip to Europe this year? The city can easily afford to repair the street.

3. to be able to give or spare: He can't afford the loss of a day.

4. to furnish; supply: The transaction afforded him a good profit.

5. to be capable of yielding or

More examples(as adjective)

"views can be affording."

"margins can be affording."


(afford)Late Old English geforthian, from ge- (prefix implying completeness) + forthian ‘to further’, from forth. The original sense was ‘promote, perform, accomplish’, later ‘manage, be in a position to do’.